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How to Improve your Workflow in Logic Pro with Albert Neve

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Learn how to master Logic Pro X and speed up your workflow to produce more tracks in less time

Speed up your workflow

Learn how to efficiently move along and make music faster. Improve your work performance following his advice on project and plugin organization, workspace customization, the use of templates, track stacks, color coding and shortcuts to save time.

Get the most out of your DAW

Discover the techniques he uses every day in the studio -like advanced midi editing, time stretching algorithms, master channel presets- and the tips and tricks that have led him to work with artists like David Guetta and Steve Aoki.

Download his template and get organized

Great tracks start with great organization. Download his Logic Pro X template with the effects and plugins he always uses. Learn how to keep your projects organized and clear the way for creativity right from the moment you start a new project.

Download Albert Neve’s template and master your production workflow
in Logic Pro

Download his Logic Pro X template

Download the template Albert Neve uses every time he starts a new track. Use it when you start a new project and waste no time uploading the most useful effects and settings you need for every track to maximize your workflow: Albert Neve has already done this work for you. You can save it as your default template, adapt it to your own needs, and use it to simplify and speed up the production process. Start getting creative with Logic Pro and make music as quick as professional producers.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the plugins he uses: you can download an additional template which uses only Logic Pro stock plugins, instruments and fx units.

What will I learn?

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+ 2 Hours
module 01

Introduction (1 chapter)

12:49 min.

01. Introduction to Logic Pro

module  02

Workflow Techniques (4 chapters)

05:24 min.

02. Screensets
03. Templates
04. Key Commands
05. Quick Sampler

module  03

Organization Techniques (5 chapters)

02:04 min.

06. Master Channel Presets
07. Track Stacks and Folders
08. Project Alternatives
09. Plugin Organization
10. Color Coding and Channel Organization

module  04

Production Tips (2 chapters)

02:03 min.

11. Automation
12. Logic Pro Advanced Tips

módulo EXTRA

Técnicas avanzadas de Logic Pro X (12 capítulos)

07:17 min.

16. Introduction to Logic Pro
17. Screen Sets
18. Templates
19. Master Channel Presets
20. Quick Sampler
21. Key Commands
22. Automation
23. Track Stack and Folders
24. Version of Projects
25. Organization and Plugins
26. Color Coding and Channel Organization
27. Logic Pro Tips

I absolutely loved his mixing techniques. I'm already applying his tricks to my own productions!
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After confidently bursting onto the scene in 2006, Spanish producer Albert Neve firmly cemented his reputation as one of the leading lights of the electronic music scene in his native country with a string of outstanding solo releases, remixes and collaborations with well-known artists worldwide.

Nowadays, Albert Neve is a renowned DJ and producer thanks to the support of heavyweight names in the international scene like David Guetta or Steve Aoki, amongst others. With invaluable support from some of the biggest names in dance music, and a series of hit releases to justify the hype, Albert Neve’s career is swiftly on the rise. His DJing has taken him around the world, from Asia to South America, from Tomorrowland to Ultra, and his productions continue to entice and excite fans and fellow producers alike.

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Maximize your workflow and take the most out of your DAW

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