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Production and Groove Techniques for Industrial and Acid Techno

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Ableton LIVE
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Learn how to create the industrial, acid and rave sound from one of Techno’s most exciting talents

Learn from his skills

Discover how he creates and processes drum patterns, 303 acid lines, and rave and industrial grooves.

Inside his tracks

Get deep into the Ableton Live projects of some of his Top tracks like “Still Raving” and “Nasty Boys”.

Download and create

Download his Ableton Live project template and his 303 loops pack and use it for your own tracks.

Download, follow his steps and adapt his patterns to your own productions

Ableton Live 11 template + stems

Download the Ableton Live 11 project from the track he creates from scratch, and learn how he processes his audio and midi tracks with Ableton’s stock plugins.

303 Loops Pack

The loops pack contains more than 30 24-bit royalty-free files with Acid Techno basslines created by Regal.

Our Masterclass are more than just a bunch of videos.

Monthly live session with the coaches.

Learn how Hannes composes, records and programs various analogue synthesizers such as the modular Moog.

Acces to a world wide community.

Beside learning how to choose the right sound, you will understnad the key to getting the perfect kick and bass for a club sound.

Free templates and material.

In two making-of projects you will learn the tricks that have led Hannes to publishing with labels like Bedrock, Poker Flat and Flying Circus.

What will I learn?

Ableton live

My story (2 chapters)

12:49 min.

01. My First Contact with Music:
Discover Regal's story as a DJ and as a producer. When and how his interest in music begins, and his first steps to get into the music scene.
02. Becoming a Professional:
In this chapter, Regal tells us how he became a professional in the music industry and all the steps he took to achieve it.

Module 02

Creating & processing drums ( 3 chapters)

05:24 min.

03. Creating Drum Kicks:
Watch Regal creating his own kicks, and see the plugins and techniques he applies to define their sound.
04. Creating Drum Patterns:
In this lesson, Regal shows you the drum patterns he uses the most in his productions, and how to create them with the 909 drum machine emulation by using MIDI notes and parameters.
05. Processing Drums:
After creating a drum pattern from scratch in the previous lesson, now Regal shows you in depth how to process every individual element.

Module 03

My Essential Grooves (3 chapters)

02:04 min.

06. Industrial:
In this lesson, Regal shows you in depth how he creates grooves when looking for an industrial sound.
07. Rave:
In this lesson, Regal shows you in depth how he creates grooves when looking for a Techno sound from the 90s
08. 303 Acid Lines:
Regal shows you now the acid groove he uses the most in his productions and the one that makes him have such a personal characteristic sound.

Module 04

The Acid Sound (6 chapters)

02:03 min.

09. Defining Acid Sounds:
Regal tells us about the history of acid sound, first tracks and synths used to create it.
10. 303 Hardware Emulations:
Learn how to use the most popular hardware analog emulators of the legendary Roland TB-303 by Cyclone and Behringer.
11. 303 Software Emulations:
Plugins are also very powerful to reproduce the legendary Roland TB-303 sound. Regal shows you some of them and how to use them.
12. Tips to Create Acid Sequences:
In this lesson, Regal shows you how to write acid style lines and arpeggios with a MIDI note sequencer.
13. Processing Acid Lines:
Learn how to process the 303 acid lines when used as a main instrument in your track.
14. Recording Acid Lines:
In this lesson, Regal shows you how to record the acid lines from the hardware analog emulators into the DAW

Module 05

Track reviews (5 chapters)

07:17 min.

15. Processing Audio for Techno:
Regal shows us all his advanced techniques to process grooves and apply effects.
16. Creating a Track from Scratch:
In this lesson, Regal shows you how to create a track from scratch and from different perspectives, until completing a finished and processed project.
17. Track Review: Still Raving:
Regal shows you the original project of his track “Still Raving” and explains how he produced it.
18. Track Review: Nasty Boys:
Regal shows you the original project of his track “Nasty Boys” and explains how he produced it.

Module 06

Managing Involve Records (3 chapters)

03:14 min.

19. Creating a Label:
In order to publish the music as he wanted, Regal created his own label. Discover all the steps it took to achieve it.
20. Running an International Label:
Find out how Regal managed to overcome difficulties and expanded his label to go international.
21. Tips to Submit your Demos:
Discover all the tips Regal gives us in order to submit tracks to a label.


Regal is one of Techno’s most exciting talents of recent years. Since 2012 he has quickly established himself as one of Techno’s most in demand artists, remixing acts like Nina Kraviz, Ellen Allien, Emmanuel Top and more, not to mention collabs alongside Len Faki, Alien Rain or Amelie Lens. Further bolstering his reputation, his own tracks have been remixed by heavyweights such as MarkBroom or Radio Slave and upcoming star Hadone.

Known for his ability to move between influences and sub-genres, his style is eclectic as he draws from pockets of sound across the electronic sphere, with tinges of Trance and Acid undercurrents at the centre of his ever-evolving sound, tailoring the perfect mix between strong rhythms and melodies that enchant the soul. As a DJ, Regal’s dynamic and impactful style has led him to play well-known sets across a host of renowned clubs and festivals such as Berghain, Awakenings, DGTL and Exhale, whilst he also is a core resident at KHIDI, one of the key clubs at the forefront of Tbilisi’s thriving Techno scene.

Along with homing his own tracks and collabs, Regal’s imprint Involve has established itself as one for the main techno labels.

Make an investment in your artist career

Learn how to make rave, industrial and acid Techno.

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