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Music and sound for video games bootcamp.

Immerse yourself in the world of audio for video game production, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its role while acquiring practical proficiency in essential audio middleware tools like Wwise and FMOD.

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38 hours

Gain access to 38 hours of learning led by industry professionals and guest speakers.

Career Growth

Acquire the expertise and knowledge required to elevate your career within the video game industry.


Engage in global collaboration with fellow producers and exchange ideas.

The ultimate training opportunity for producers aiming to establish themselves as Technical Sound Designers and/or Technical Composers in the thriving video game industry.

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group mentoring

Participate in interactive online sessions, receive personalized feedback from industry professionals, and broaden your professional network.


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Our students highly value the interactive sessions and immersive experience provided by our Bootcamp.


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Achieve mastery in the art of crafting immersive and interactive audio experiences for video games in a condensed 4-week timeframe.

Unity, Audio Engines, and Middleware:

Create real-time scenes in Unity, explore audio middleware like Wwise, and unlock the power of sound design and immersive integration with game parameters.

Hierarchies, Effects, and Mixing:

Master Wwise’s hierarchies, effects, and mixing tools to simulate realistic game audio, create dynamic audio control, and refine sounds with diverse effects.

Advanced Techniques and Projects:

Apply advanced mixing techniques, effects, and interactive reorchestration for impactful audio experiences. Get guidance on transitions, interactive music changes, and production effects.

FMOD and Unreal Engine:

Dive into FMOD audio middleware, learn 3D audio settings, effects, mixing, and explore sound implementation in Unreal Engine 5.

Special Guest Sessions:

Gain valuable insights from industry professionals, including Eduardo de la Iglesia and Anne-Sophie Mongeau, on game audio strategies, creative hacks, and the importance of audio.

Project Reviews:

Engage in interactive project reviews, receive personalized guidance, and showcase your projects for valuable feedback.

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All music producers and/or sound designers with or without previous experience who want to direct their career towards the video game market, and dedicate themselves to a growing and thriving video game sector

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Your instructors

David Font 

Game Audio Expert

David Font, also known as “synchrnzr,” is a highly accomplished composer and sound designer in the gaming industry. With over 20 years of experience, he has worked on award-winning titles such as Yume, Kukoo Kitchen, One Sequel, Furby Island, and Dance Fabulous. As an educator, he has taught audio for video games in Spain and Latin America, with his former students now employed by top gaming companies like Thurster Games, Petoons Studio, and King. Look out for his upcoming releases: “Curse of the Sea Rats,” “Chant,” and “Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story.”

Anne-Sophie Mongeau

Sound Designer

Anne-Sophie is a seasoned Lead Sound Designer at Eidos Montreal with over 10 years of experience in the game audio industry. She has contributed to notable AAA and indie titles like It Takes Two and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. With a Masters degree in Sound Design from the University of Edinburgh, she brings a unique perspective to her work, including expertise in alternative interactive media, sound art, and innovative recording techniques.

Eduardo de la Iglesia


Eduardo is a Madrid-based composer and sound designer with over 23 years of experience and a portfolio of over 60 titles. He began his career in the production department of Commandos 2: Men of Courage. Since then, he has worked as a composer and/or audio designer for games such as Call of the Sea, American Arcadia, The Lords of the Fallen, and Song of Nunu – A League of Legends Story, among others. Eduardo has received recognition and awards for his work in prestigious international competitions, including the Billboard World Contest and the USA Songwriting Competition.

What will you learn?

Week 1:

Monday 4th September: Introduction to the Game Audio World

This day focuses on welcoming you, providing an overview of the video game sector, and differentiating between audiovisual and interactive audio production. The bootcamp structure is mapped out, and you’ll have the opportunity to introduce yourself.

Tuesday 5th September: Unity and Game Engines

David demonstrates real-time Unity scene creation from the ground up, guiding you through the basics of audio principles and concepts.

Wednesday 6th September: Exploring Audio Middleware and Wwise

The role of game engines in video game development is discussed, followed by an introduction to Wwise and its advantages. You’ll learn sound design techniques and start implementing audio into Unity using Wwise.

Thursday 7th September: Audio Integration and 3D Audio Settings

You’ll delve into integrating audio with game parameters, implementing 3D audio settings using Wwise for immersive gaming experiences. You’ll also explore editing tools in Wwise to streamline audio integration.

Friday 8th September: Wwise Hierarchies, Effects, and Mixing

This session wraps up the previous days and delves into hierarchies, effects, and mixing in Wwise. You’ll explore tools like the mixing desk and soundcaster, gaining a deeper understanding of audio simulation in games.

Week 2:

Tuesday 12th September: Advanced Effects and Mixing Techniques

You’ll learn advanced techniques such as applying effects, mixing, and dynamic audio control using mixing containers. Examples include 3D interactive audio ambience and isolated samples like a car engine.

Wednesday 13th September: Project Showcase and Doubt Resolution

You’ll showcase your projects and receive feedback in a fun and interactive session. A sync-up session allows for reviewing progress and resolving any doubts.

Thursday 14th September: Resequencing and Random Reorchestration

Techniques for creating randomness and reorchestration within music are explored, allowing for dynamic and engaging musical experiences in games.

Friday 15th from 18:00 till 20:00 September: Special Guest Tutor - Eduardo de la Iglesia

Eduardo de la Iglesia, a renowned composer and sound designer, shares insights on the importance of game audio.

Week 3:

Monday 18th September: Impactful Stingers and Interactive Reorchestration Techniques

You’ll discover the art of creating impactful stingers and delve into interactive reorchestration techniques. Learn how to incorporate music tracks for special in-game events, such as unique weapons, and dynamically change electric guitar tracks based on your health.

Tuesday 19th September: Interactive Resequencing and Musical Transitions

You’ll explore the world of interactive resequencing and master the configuration of musical transitions. You’ll dive into creating more immersive and interactive structures by dynamically changing music tracks based on the game’s context and learn how to polish the transitions to ensure seamless and engaging experiences.

Wednesday 20th September: Interactive Mixing and Advanced Effects

Take your skills to the next level with interactive mixing and advanced effects. You’ll learn how to utilize common production effects like compression and limiting in an interactive environment. You’ll gain insights into measuring loudness, adjusting levels, and playing with LUFS (Loudness Units Relative to Full Scale) and RMS (Root Mean Square).

Thursday 21st September: Project Reviews and Progress Catch-up

You’ll engage in interactive project reviews and catch up on the progress made so far. You’ll receive valuable feedback on your work and address any doubts or challenges you may have encountered. You will be able to collaborate with fellow participants and instructors to enhance your projects.

Friday 22nd September: Special Guest tutor - Anne-Sophie Mongeau

This will be a special session with renowned sound designer Anne-Sophie Mongeau where she’ll share her insights into game audio strategies and creative hacks. Learn from her expertise and discover innovative approaches to enhance your audio designs for video games.

Week 4:

Monday 25th September: Introduction to FMOD and Randomization

You are introduced to FMOD audio middleware, focusing on randomization and connecting with game parameters.

Tuesday 26th September: 3D Audio Settings, Effects, Mixing, and Optimization in FMOD

You’ll explore implementing 3D audio settings, effects, mixing techniques, and optimization in FMOD, enhancing your understanding of audio design in games.

Wednesday 27th September: Resequencing and Mixed Structures in FMOD

Hands-on experience with FMOD continues, with a focus on resequencing, reorchestration, and mixed structures. You’ll gain practical skills in randomization and game parameter connection.

Thursday 28th September: Interactivity in FMOD and Sound in Unreal Engine 5

The session explores interactivity in FMOD and delves into sound implementation in Unreal Engine 5, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of audio in game development.

Friday 29th September: Final Project Review and Conclusions

The bootcamp concludes with a comprehensive review of your final projects, allowing you to draw meaningful conclusions from your learning journey.

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Music and Sound for video games bootcamp.

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