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Learn with Gui Boratto the steps to create timeless electronic music


Remixing ‘Beautiful Life’ – Gui Boratto Masterclass


Uncover the studio techniques of Brazil's top electronic music export

Gui Boratto Masterclass

Deconstruct 'Beautiful Life' and Create Timeless Electronic Music

Join Gui Boratto in his São Paulo studio and discover his secrets to producing chart-topping hits. Learn how to transform original stems into a masterpiece through careful mixing, storytelling, and more. Apply these techniques to your own music production for timeless and captivating results.

Revamp Your Tracks with Gui Boratto's Expert Remixing Techniques

Take your music to the next level and learn how to create a fresh and dynamic remix as Gui shows you how using the original stems from ‘Beautiful Life’. Watch as he samples, resamples, and uses synths to create unique sounds and grooves, and apply these techniques to your own tracks to breathe new life into your music.

Overcome Writer's Block and Unleash Your Creativity with Gui

Gain inspiration and practical tools from Gui Boratto to unlock your full creative potential. Learn how to stay motivated and push the boundaries of your music production with a variety of techniques and strategies. Gain valuable insights and expertise to create fresh and dynamic tracks that stand out from the crowd.

“His beats make you pull out things that you didn’t even know you cared about.”
“Alchemist kicks ass in the studio. It’s a privilege too, because he’s the big bro.”
Boldy James
Boldy James
"I feel like I’m living out my childhood dreams making records with this man."
Freddie Gibbs Aulart
Freddie Gibbs

What will I learn?

MODULE 1. Understanding the Creative Process
Gui Boratto welcomes you to his Masterclass, where he will teach you how to breathe new life into Melodic Techno tracks, as he shares his creative process and takes you on a journey through his composition of ‘Beautiful Life’.
Discover the story behind the iconic track ‘Beautiful Life’ with Gui. Gain insight into how this masterpiece came to be, as you learn about the mixing, stems, and arrangement going into making a timeless classic. Gui takes you on a journey to explore the core elements of the track, including the mesmerizing guitar, that will transport you to another dimension of sound. Feel the influence of 80s music as Gui shares how it shaped the creation of ‘Beautiful Life.’ You’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at its 2007 release on Kompakt. Discover the true essence of this unforgettable track and how it can take you on a journey through time and space.
MODULE 2. Resampling & Creating New Elements

Learn from Gui’s experience as he shares how he crafted the lead musical elements for his album and radio version. Discover how he utilized vocals, bassline, arpeggiators, synth lines, and various instruments to create a distinct sound with depth and intensity. Gui also shares his insights on using repetition and multiple guitar layers to produce a captivating “mantra” sensation.

In this chapter, Gui teaches you how to resample the original stems by handpicking vocals and guitars. You’ll learn how he transformed the guitars into a fresh rhythmic element by slicing, pitching, and speeding them up using a quick sampler in Logic. Gui also shows you how to experiment with timestretch on vocal samples to unlock exciting creative possibilities.

Join Gui as he explores his hardware synthesizer, the Super Jupiter MK3 80, to produce rich and captivating chords for his new idea. Discover how he experimented with three captivating chords to create a grandiose sensation while adjusting the sound’s decay/release to build extra tension. Gui also shares his insights on finding the perfect chord progression through trial and error to complement his musical idea.

Get ready to dive into the world of bass with Gui as he demonstrates how to craft bass elements using Monologue, Juno 106, and TB-303. Discover how Gui layers various bass sounds to produce a distinctive and dynamic bassline that adds depth and stability to the track. You’ll also learn how to create an engaging “conversation” between the different bass melodies for added interest and complexity.

In this chapter, get Gui’s techniques for crafting powerful drum elements by connecting hardware synthesizers like the Moog D FAM. Discover how Gui uses resonance and filter cutoffs to generate fluid and dynamic grooves. You’ll also learn how to record hi-hat grooves in real-time for an authentic live feel and how to edit the audio to add structure and organization to your track.

MODULE 3. Arrangement & Groups

Join Gui as he shares his process for defining the song structure and arranging track elements, utilizing sidechain compression for dynamic transitions. Discover how Gui adds character and movement to the overall mix using tools like the FilterFreak plugin and Tape Delay. Lastly, Gui demonstrates how all the elements come together to create a cohesive final product that will leave a lasting impact on your audience.

In this chapter, Gui demonstrates how to incorporate the TB-303 Bassline Synthesizer by adding two channels to create a captivating conversation between them. Discover how Gui creates a call-and-response effect to establish a cohesive and unified groove, all with the use of this powerful hardware.

In this chapter, Gui emphasizes the importance of organizing and grouping tracks by naming, color coding, and grouping them to streamline your workflow and enhance productivity in music production. Discover how Gui’s tips and techniques for organization can help you maintain clarity and order throughout your entire creative process.

MODULE 4. Adding Interest: Automation & Dynamics

Join Gui in this chapter as he demonstrates how to use automation to create added interest and texture in your music. Learn how to use a low-pass filter and Soundtoys’ FilterFreak 2 to bring chords in softly, while also utilizing automation to dip them away for increased tension. Discover how Gui’s tips for automation can elevate your tracks and take your music to the next level.

In this chapter, Gui delves into the intricacies of mixing frequencies and dynamics to create a balanced and cohesive sound. Follow along as Gui demonstrates how to treat kick and bass, eliminate unwanted bottom ends with EQ, and add character to mid-bass with delay. Discover how to use compression on chords and top lines to create the perfect dynamic volume and ensure that all elements work together seamlessly in the mix. By the end of this chapter, you’ll have a deeper understanding of how to mix frequencies and dynamics like a pro.

MODULE 5. Reintroducing Original Elements

In this chapter, Gui teaches how to reintroduce original elements in a creative way by using effects like delays and processing. By doing so, you can give your track a new and unique sound while still keeping the original vocals. Gui also provides tips on how to use these techniques effectively to enhance the overall mix and create interesting transitions between different parts of the track. With this knowledge, you can give your music a fresh dimension and make it stand out.

MODULE 6. Final Tricks & Tweaks

In this chapter, you’ll get Gui’s top mixing and creativity techniques, including stereo widening, EQs, levels, and frequency mapping, all of which are essential for mixing tracks for clubs. He demonstrates how to implement these techniques in real-time while creating his new version of “Beautiful Life”. By following Gui’s expert advice, you can take your mixing skills to the next level and produce professional-quality tracks that are ready for the dance floor.

Get ready to elevate your track to the next level with Gui’s tips on arrangement and tweaking. In this chapter, Gui demonstrates how to create breaks in the music, repeat and copy elements to build tension, and create a final DJ-friendly structure. By following Gui’s expert advice, you can ensure that your track flows smoothly from start to finish and keeps the audience engaged. These techniques will help you create a compelling arrangement that will make your track stand out and keep the dance floor moving.

In the last chapter, Gui takes us through the final transformation of the track, from its original album release to the new remix. He shares several mixing techniques to prepare the track for live performance, ensuring that it’s perfect for testing in front of a crowd. By following Gui’s tips, you can fine-tune your track to make any necessary corrections and create a polished, professional-quality track. Get ready to take your music to the next level with Gui’s expert guidance.

Download the unreleased demo of ‘Beautiful Life’ to learn the production process from demo to released song

As a Masterclass student, you’ll have the unique opportunity to download the unreleased demo version of ‘Beautiful Life’ and explore the evolution of this iconic track. Experience firsthand the development of this classic song and unlock new insights into Gui Boratto’s creative process. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to take your music production skills to the next level!

Learn with Gui Boratto the steps to create timeless electronic music

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Remixing ‘Beautiful Life’
Gui Boratto Masterclass


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