Your journey in
hip-hop music
production starts here.

Your journey in
hip-hop music
production starts here.

We’re an online music education platform helping beginners and advanced learners become better producers and musicians.

The Alchemist
Grammy-nominated Hip-Hop producer

Your journey in
music production
starts here.

Your journey in
music production
starts here.

We’re an online music education platform helping beginners and advanced learners become better producers and musicians.

Scott Storch
8x Grammy-winning producer

Your journey in
pop production
starts here.

Your journey in
pop music production
starts here.

We’re an online music education platform helping beginners and advanced learners become better producers and musicians.

Rik Simpson
Multi-Grammy Winning Producer

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Aulart’s expert instructors share their tips, tricks, and techniques to help you unleash your creativity and reach new heights.

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Aulart Bootcamps


Pop & Electronic Music Production

Experience a creative revolution under the mentorship of the multi-Latin Grammy-winning producer Alizzz.

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We offer hundreds of Masterclass chapters covering everything from music production, songwriting, beatmaking, mixing, mastering, music management, and so much more. Regardless of genre or style, we have something for you.


Our Masterclasses and webinars, led by the world’s most innovative artists and industry experts, unfold professional perspectives, creative processes, workflows, mixing techniques, and so much more that you’ll be able to apply to your own productions.

Our collection

With new content every month, gain exclusive access to some of the world’s top artists and learn from their experiences and production techniques.

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  • Gui Boratto Online Masterclass Aulart

    Gui Boratto

    How I made: Massive Attack – Paradise Circus
  • New


    Electronic and Pop Music Production
  • New

    Rik Simpson

    Pop Production & Mixing Coldplay’s Live Album

  • Henrik Schwarz Online Masterclass Aulart

    Henrik Schwarz

    Customize Your Live Performance

  • The Alchemist

    Beatmaking & Sampling for Hip-Hop
  • Carl Craig Detroit Online Masterclass

    Carl Craig

    Music Production for Detroit Techno

  • Avedon Online Masterclass Aulart


    Producing for Major Artists

  • Tala Online Masterclass Aulart


    TĀLĀ Track Review: ‘Fuck Love’ by Banks

  • Rodriguez Jr Aulart Online Masterclass

    Rodriguez Jr.

    Analog Synths, Music Production & Creativity

  • Jaime Lidell Online Masterclass Aulart

    Jamie Lidell

    Creative Techniques for Singers, Songwriters & Composers

  • Kittin Aulart Online Masterclass


    Creativity, Songwriting & Vocal Processing

  • Francesco Tristano Aulart  Online Masterclass

    Francesco Tristano

    Introduction to Music Production:
    Merging Classical & Electronic

“When the ideas are coming, I don’t stop until the ideas stop because that train doesn’t come along all the time.”
Dr. Dre

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Frequently asked questions

Aulart is an online educational platform based on Masterclasses and live courses in which international renowned artists, such as producers, sound engineers, and other professionals in the music industry, show their own unique way of working and making music. Aulart gives you the opportunity to learn the tricks and experiences that led them to be who they are.

Each Masterclass has different content, depending on the artist in charge. Each Masterclass has a page section in which you’ll find detailed information about what you’ll learn in it, including a video summary and a description of the different chapters.

Whether you have started to produce or you are an advanced student, you will certainly find interesting content that will take your music to another level. Every artist has some unique knowledge to offer whether it is technical, theoretical, creative, or a mix of all. A good way to know if you will be able to follow the Masterclass is to read their info and description of content. If after that you are still hesitating, you can always send us an email with your questions.

We will be holding regular Q&A (Question & Answers) webinars in which you will be able to ask the artists all the questions you may have after watching their Masterclass. We always notify you in advance so that you can virtually attend these events. Also, Aulart’s team is always available to give you educational support, so you can send us your questions to

The languages of the subtitles available vary in each Masterclass. You can check them in the info page of each Masterclass. 

You can access the Masterclasses online anytime from different devices and platforms (desktop, laptop, IOS or Android mobile, etc) and up to 4K video quality.