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Creative Techniques for Singers, Songwriters & Composers
with Jamie Lidell
Learn new ways to find creativity, get experimental with your voice, and discover your music with a whole new approach

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electronic music producers

Carl Craig
Music Production for Detroit Techno
Colin Benders
The Complete Guide to Modular Synthesis
Creativity, Songwriting & Vocal Processing
Rodriguez Jr.
Analog Synths, Music Production and Creativity

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Aulart is an online educational platform that offers students across the world, the possibility to learn through video masterclasses & streaming courses with the most respected artists and professionals behind the urban & electronic music industry. We offer an exclusive level of knowledge, thanks to the experience of our professional music instructors.

Aulart’s objective is to bring world-class artists closer to the urban music creator community, as well as democratize access to the music industry by disseminating technical and educational knowledge, explaining how to compose a track from scratch to how to send music to a record label or understand managing key factors to develop an international career.

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