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  • Projects, Templates & Samples
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Aulart is a platform where anyone can learn music production from the world’s top producers and artists.

Our Membership lets users access hundreds of Music Masterclass chapters covering everything in music production; from songwriting and beatmaking to mixing, mastering, music management, and so much more. Regardless of genre and style, we have the classes to grow production skills.

Connect members also enjoy additional benefits like a growing bundle of Plugins and Software, and interaction with artists and industry professionals for guidance and feedback through our Connect Sessions.

Aulart is for DJ’s, Music Producers, Singers, Songwriters, Composers, and Musicians of all skill levels.

Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or a professional looking to hone your craft, we have classes to help you grow further.

Our diverse Masterclasses and webinars, led by the world’s most innovative artists and industry experts, unfold professional perspectives, creative processes, workflows, mixing techniques, and so much more you’ll be able to apply to your own productions, regardless of skill level.

The receiver of the gift card can activate their Membership whenever they want.

For this Holiday season, we offer three subscription lengths: 2 Months (Essentials), 6 Months (Essentials), and 1 Year (Connect).

Aulart Essentials gives you access to all Aulart Originals Masterclasses as well as a selection of Premium Masterclasses*.

Aulart Connect gives you access to all Aulart Originals Masterclasses, a selection of Premium Masterclasses*, over $1200 worth of Plugins & Software, and exclusive access to our online Connect Sessions featuring events like Demo Feedback Sessions, Plugin Walkthroughs, A&R Sessions, and Music Production Q&As.

*New Premium Masterclasses are accessible to members at 50% off as Video on Demand before they’re added to the Membership catalog.

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Scan the QR code or use the code on your virtual Gift Card to activate your Membership at aulart.com/redeem-gift.

Then, just need to fill in a few details to set up your Aulart account, and you’re good to go!

If you’re having trouble redeeming your Gift Card, send an email to support@aulart.com and we will help you.

If you think the Membership is not for you, and you’d rather use the value of your Gift Card to buy individual Masterclasses, just contact support@aulart.com and we will help you.