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Beatmaking & Sampling for Hip-Hop

Learn how to make beats like The Alchemist and the tips & techniques for a successful career.

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He's worked with Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Mobb Deep, Mac Miller, and Griselda, just to name a few​.

'2021's Best Hip-Hop Producer Alive’
'2021 Producer of the Year’

The Alchemist's first ever Hip-Hop Music Production class.

Sampling as an art form

Sampling is the key to creating The Alchemist’s best beats. Learn his eclectic approach to record collecting, finding rare sounds, and creative sampling tips to get The Alchemist producer type beats.

Inside his workflow

For the first time ever he opens the door of his studio to teach you all the tips & techniques he used to make his best beats. Watch him analyze his beats for artists like Nas or ScHoolboy Q, and gain invaluable insights for your own music.

Monetize your music

Learn how to monetize your brand beyond selling music, how to think outside the box, and take a closer look at the alternative revenue streams that made ALC Records home to some of Hip-Hop’s hottest merch and vinyl.

Watch Now: Vocal Chains & Processing: Boldy James ‘Hot Water Tank’ with The Alchemist

Get free access to Chapter 12: Vocal Chains & Processing: Boldy James ‘Hot Water Tank’.

Learn how Alchemist works with vocal chains and plugins. Get his tips on achieving a full sound without overprocessing it.

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Listen to songs produced by The Alchemist

“His beats make you pull out things that you didn’t even know you cared about.”
Boldy James
“Alchemist kicks ass in the studio. It’s a privilege too, because he’s the big bro.”
Freddie Gibbs
"I feel like I’m living out my childhood dreams making records with this man."

What will I learn?

Early Career

01. Early Life & Career

Hear The Alchemist’s story, from his beginnings in music at an early age to becoming the producer he is today. Hear anecdotes featuring some of Hip-Hop’s greatest names, and get inspired by his attitude of wanting to learn from everything happening around him.

Hip-Hop Sampling

02. Introduction to Sampling

Learn what sampling means to The Alchemist and his approach to sampling on his records.

03. My Favorite Samples

Discover some of The Alchemist’s favorite samples, the story behind them and what makes them so special.

04. Digging for Samples

The Alchemist gets into what digging for records means to him and his music, and the importance of finding new and rare sounds as part of his creative process.

05. Evolution of Sampling

In this chapter, The Alchemist goes into his sampling philosophy.


06. My MPC Techniques

Learn some of The Alchemist’s most important MPC techniques as he showcases on his MPC 2500: see him chop, layer, sequence, group and edit drums and other sounds. Get his tips and tricks to get The Alchemist best beats in an organized, fast and efficient way.

07. My ASR-10 Techniques

In this chapter, The Alchemist goes into the ASR-10, the emblematic machine that he used at the beginning of his career.

Beatmaking Tips & Techniques​

08. Making a Beat From Scratch

See The Alchemist create a beat from scratch, from sampling to chopping up samples on the MPC, and programming drums. Get his workflow, watch him improvise and get his advice on how to do it yourself.

09. Bringing Your Beat Into Your DAW

After creating a beat on the MPC watch how The Alchemist takes his beats from the MPC into Pro Tools, and discover his workflow to getting a beat ready for mixing, mastering and recording artists.

Developing a Songwriting Session

10. Songwriting Techniques

Discover The Alchemist’s songwriting techniques from structure to creating hooks, to finding unique sonics and ear candy. Follow some examples on his DAW as he explains his process of songwriting.

Recording Rap Vocals

11. Creating a Vibe with an Artist

In this chapter, learn how to build a vibe with an artist, how to create a comfortable and inspiring environment. Learn about communication in the studio, capturing important moments and getting the best out of an artist.

12. Vocal Chains & Processing: Boldy James ‘Hot Water Tank’

Learn how The Alchemist works with vocal chains and plugins. Get his tips on achieving a full sound without overprocessing it.

13. Ad-Libs

Learn how The Alchemist approaches Ad-Lib recordings and get his advice on how to get the most out of a recording artist while making them.

14. Stacking Vocals

See how The Alchemist stacks vocals to create unique sonics.

DJing for Hip-Hop

15. Intro to DJing

In this chapter, The Alchemist gives an overview of what the role of the DJ has meant for Hip-Hop. Also, he goes into the relationship between DJing and producing.

16. DJ Techniques

Watch The Alchemist DJ as he explains his approach to some of his main techniques.

Track Reviews

17. Track Review: ‘My Will’ - Nas

Learn how ‘My Will’ by Nas was made on his Ensoniq ASR-10 keyboard and hear the story behind the track.

18. Track Review: ‘Kno Ya Wrong’ - ScHoolboy Q

Learn how the beat for ‘Know Ya Wrong’ by ScHoolboy Q was created, how The Alchemist chopped the sample and programmed the drums, all on his MPC 2500.

Branding & Merchandising

19. Branding Yourself as a Producer

The Alchemist gives you his advice on how to create a brand out of your music career.

20. Monetizing your Brand

In this chapter, The Alchemist teaches you how to monetize your music career through different avenues like merch, limited edition vinyls and more.

21. Alternative Revenue Streams

Discover some of the alternative revenue streams that have worked for The Alchemist and see how they can apply to your own music.

22. From Vodka & Ayahuasca to GTA V

The Alchemist shares how his and Oh No’s track ‘Vodka & Ayahuasca’ led them to composing the original score for Grand Theft Auto V by Rockstar Games.

Tips For New Producers

23. Advice and Motivation for the Next Generation

Alchemist gives you his advice on how to stay motivated in order to progress and grow as an artist throughout your career.

The Alchemist

A life in Hip-Hop

The Alchemist Producer: Alan Daniel Maman, better known as The Alchemist, is a Beatmaker that started out during Hip-Hop’s Golden Age under the moniker Mudfoot as a member of The Whooliganz when only a teenager, and later joined DJ Muggs’ Soul Assassins collective, rising to prominence in the late 90s as a close associate of Cypress Hill, Dilated Peoples, Mobb Deep.

Production genius

A humble figurehead of Hip-Hop production in demand for his sample-heavy, detailed and soul-infused beats, The Alchemist is the founder of ALC Records, and one of the most prolific rap producers of his generation. He’s worked with Hip-Hop royalty like Griselda, Nas, Action Bronson, Ghostface Killah, Vince Staples, Earl Sweatshirt, Curren$y, and Boldy James, just to name a few. Also The Alchemist is Eminem’s Tour Dj.


The Alchemist: Beatmaking & Sampling for Hip-Hop

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