The Alchemist Masterclass

Get inside the creative process of one of hip-hop’s leading record producers

The Alchemist shares his beatmaking and sampling tricks in his first-ever Masterclass.

The revered producer’s discography includes acclaimed work with Eminem, Griselda, Freddie Gibbs, Nas, Mobb Deep, Mac Miller, and Kendrick Lamar.

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The Alchemist Masterclass

Sampling as an art form

Sampling is the key to the Alchemist’s process: get inside his eclectic approach to record collecting, finding rare sounds, and creative sampling. Explore his workflow for beatmaking, his MPC techniques, his approach on DJing, and how he understands the beat as a producer.

Inside his workflow and sound

Discover the techniques behind some of hip-hop’s most beloved productions. Watch him analyze his own beats for artists like Nas and ScHoolboy Q and learn how he adds sonic depth to his sounds – from vocal chains and tricks when recording vocals to his preferred plugins and effects when producing within the DAW.

Turn your beats into business

Get the Alchemist’s thoughts on monetizing your brand beyond selling music — think outside of the old-school business model, and take a closer look at the alternative revenue streams that made ALC Records the home of some of hip-hop’s hottest new products and vinyls. 

Listen to some tracks produced by The Alchemist

What will I learn?

Early career
Hip-hop sampling

Learn what sampling means for The Alchemist, from the early days until his experience now, his perspective on how to use sampling on tracks and what he thinks the results should be.

Discover some of Alchemist’s favorite samples, the story behind them, what he learnt from them, and what makes them special.

In this chapter The Alchemist goes in depth with his relationship with sampling and technology and his evolution as an artist with both.

The Alchemist tells you about what digging for records means for him and his music, what it means to find new and rare sounds, and the importance they have for inspiration and creating new tracks.

Learn some of the most important MPC Techniques The Alchemist applies with his MPC 2500. He shows you how he chops, layers, sequences, groups and edits his drums and other sounds in this machine. He tells us about his tips and tricks to get the best beats results in an organized, fast and efficient way.

In this chapter, The Alchemist goes in depth about this piece of equipment and how he uses it to create his tracks.

Making a beat from scratch

In this chapter you’ll be able to see the Alchemist create a beat from scratch, from choosing the samples to editing them on the MPC and getting the right drums. Learn his work routines and watch him improvise with the new beats while listening to his tips to do so.

After having seen how the beats are created on the MPC, now it’s time to see how The Alchemist takes the sounds from the machine into the DAW. Learn the steps he takes to do so and what works best for him, then how he completes the track with other elements. Also, learn how mixes at this stage, and his philosophy when processing the sounds in the DAW.

Developing a songwriting session

Discover The Alchemist perspective on how to finish a song in terms of structure, finding the important bit of it that makes it unique. Watch some examples on his DAW and listen to the tips he follows to give them the final touch, along with some advice to keep learning and improving.

Recording Rap Vocals

In this chapter, learn how to build the vibe with the artist, how to create a comfortable and inspiring environment. Learn about communication in the studio, being able to capture the important moments and getting the best out of the artist.

Learn how The Alchemist deals with the vocal chains and what plugins he uses. Take note of his tips in order to achieve full sound without overprocessing it.

Find out some of The Alchemist’s tips to record singers and get the best out of them. Learn about how he gets his Ad-Libs for his tracks and how he uses them.

Learn about another vocal technique The Alchemist uses, vocal stacking, and his tricks to achieve good results in a creative way.

DJing for Hip-hop

In this chapter, The Alchemist gives an overview of what the figure of the DJ has been considered in the Hip Hop scene and what it did. Also, what the relationship between djing and producing is according to him.

Watch The Alchemist DJing and explain to you his approach and some of his main techniques.

Track Reviews

Learn how his track ‘NAS, My Will’ was made on his Ensoniq ASR-10 keyboard and get the story behind it.

Learn how the Alchemist created the beats for the track ‘Know Ya Wrong’. Listen to all its elements, their purpose in the track, and how they were made on the MPC.

Alchemist tells us how to do a songwriting session with artists, writers and other musicians in the studio in order to turn your beats into a complete record. He tells us what being a producer means to him, how to deal with different kinds of artists, how to organize a song, along with some anecdotes.

Branding & Merchandising

The Alchemist gives you some tips on how to keep active in the music industry in order to stand out as a producer.

In this chapter, Alchemist tells you about his experience having to learn how to monetize his work beyond beats and gives you some tips on how to do it today.

Discover some of the alternative revenue streams that have worked for The Alchemist and see how they can apply to your own music.

The Alchemist tells you about how his and Oh No’s passion project ‘Vodka & Ayahuasca’ led them to composing the original score for Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V.

Tips for new producers

In this chapter, Alchemist gives you advice on how to keep your motivation up so you don’t give up on your passion and continue to make music. Also, he gives you tips on how to grow as an artist throughout your career.

The Alchemist

A lifelong love of hip-hop

Alan Daniel Maman, better known as the Alchemist, has some deep running hip-hip roots — starting out during hip-hop’s Golden Age under the moniker Mudfoot, he was a member of The Whooliganz, and later joined DJ Muggs’ Soul Assassins collective, rising to prominence in the late 90s as a close associate of Cypress Hill, Dilated Peoples, and Mobb Deep. 

Production genius

In demand for his sample-heavy, detailed and soul-infused beats, The Alchemist is the founder of ALC Records and one of the most prolific rap producers of his generation. He’s worked with hip-hop greats like Griselda rap crew, Nas, Action Bronson, Domo Genesis, Ghostface Killah, Mac Miller, Vince Staples, Earl Sweatshirt, Curren$y and Boldy James.

‘Best hip-hop-producer alive’

A humble figurehead of hip-hop production who quietly works away in his studio, you wouldn’t hear it from the man himself — but there’s no denying his accolades: Complex Magazine named him ‘2021’s Best Hip-Hop Producer Alive’ and Consequence of Sound their ‘2021 Producer of the Year’. 

Beatmaking & Sampling for Hip-Hop


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