The Alchemist & his MPC Techniques

The Alchemist: Mastering Beatmaking & Sampling in Hip-Hop In the chronicles of hip-hop’s evolution, The Alchemist stands as a monumental figure. His journey, woven into

Modular Synthesis: Creating a Patch from Scratch

Table of Contents Introduction Modular Synthesis: Simplifying Complexity Understanding Modular Synthesizer Components Creating a Basic Patch Achieving Stereo Sound The Importance of Signal Splitting Syncing

Creative Tips for Synthesis with Egbert

How to Use Synthesizers Creatively – A Guide Table of Contents Introduction Importance of Dynamic and Interesting Synth Sounds Avoiding Over-reliance on Effects Comparing Different

Mastering Chain For Electronic Music

Mastering Chain and Techniques Table of Contents Introduction About Mastering Cutting Frequencies Using Compressor Enhancing Stereo Image Using Span Plugin Conclusion Introduction In this article,