Mel Uye-Parker

Women in the Industry: Mel Uye-Parker

Mel Uye-Parker is a songwriter, vocalist and electronic music producer from Nottingham, however, she spent her formative years in Manchester where she studied music both


Women in The Industry: AWWZ

AWWZ is currently one of the most recognized DJs and producers in Spain and Latin America. Versatile in her productions and lover of collaborations, we

Learning Major Scales

A Major Scale is a musical scale that is used in many different genres of music, including classical, jazz, and pop. It is one of

soundproof studio

Soundproofing Low Frequencies

When it comes to soundproofing a studio, it is important to address both high and low frequencies to ensure optimal sound quality and reduce unwanted

Women in The Industry: Giorgia Angiuli

Giorgia Angiuli is an Italian live artist, electronic producer, classically trained musician and now, inventor; loved by peers, fans, and tastemakers for her authenticity and unquenchable curiosity

How to Extract an Acapella from a Song

Music production is a complex and exciting art that requires skill, creativity, and technical knowledge. One of the most challenging tasks for music producers is

Tala Interview

Women in The Industry: TĀLĀ

TĀLĀ is the stage name of London-based musician Jasmin Tadjiky. TĀLĀ released two records in 2014: her first extended play, The Duchess, and a single

Women in The Industry: VONDA7

DJ, producer and label owner VONDA7’s path began in her mid-teens whilst dabbling in music journalism, and a spark formed when interviewing DJs and producers

piano keys

How Many Keys does a Piano have?

A piano is a musical instrument that produces sound by striking strings with hammers when keys are pressed. It is a keyboard instrument, which means