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My DJ Techniques & Vision Of Techno

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Learn advanced DJ techniques and industry insights from the German Techno master

Chris Liebing DJ Masterclass

Watch Chris Liebing in Action

Learn how he structures a session from scratch and controls it live with his unique mixing techniques.

Discover the Chris Liebing DJ Setup in Depth

Find out his setup and how he works with the Model 1, Traktor, Maschine and MIDI Controllers.

Learn From His 30-year Career

Get exclusive mentoring from Chris Liebing and learn from his tips and experience in the industry.

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Get the same samples and projects that Chris Liebing ‍‍‍uses in his shows

MIDI Mapping configuration
Setting the MIDI Mapping in Traktor is usually a complicated task. Download the complete MIDI Mapping configuration created by Chris Liebing along with Allen&Heath K2.
Download files
Maschine Project configuration and 109 samples
Have access to Chris Liebing’s personal Maschine project. Download the configuration and 109 samples specially designed for live set up and ready to use in your shows.
Download files
30 Kick Samples
Chris Liebing’s kick drum sounds are well-known for their clarity and punchiness. And as part of his Masterclass, he’s designed an exclusive pack with 30 kick drum sounds for you to use in your own Techno tracks and sessions.
Download files
@atarakji Instagram comment
I actually finished the Chris Liebing’s course completely and I liked it so much […] I’d definitely recommend this course to anyone […] Overall it was a very nice experience, I’m glad that I took this course.

What will I learn?

Professional Career

01. My Early Career

Chris Liebing explains how he started out as a DJ and his first steps in the music industry, illustrating the Techno scene of the time.

02. Becoming a Professional

In this chapter, Chris continues to explain his story, telling us how he consolidates his professional career and how he finds his place on the scene.

03. Evolution of Techno

In this chapter, Chris Liebing explains from his experience how Techno music has evolved from the 90s.

04. My Motivation As a DJ

Learn about Chris Liebing’s philosophy on music and the dancefloor experience and what it means to him as a DJ.

05. My Technological Evolution As a DJ

The evolution of technology has always been closely linked to the life of the DJ. Chris Liebing shows us many hardware changes that he has experienced since the appearance of the mp3.

Set Up

06. Build Your Set up

Chris Liebing talks about approaching your DJ set-up as an instrument that you should build to suit your needs.

07. DJ Set Up: Model 1

Chris Liebing participated in the creation of the Model 1, so in this chapter he explains the needs that this mixing desk solves for the professional DJ, and analyzes its parts step by step to get the most out of it.

08. DJ Set Up: Soundcard

Learn what is expected from a soundcard and discover Chris Liebing’s tips about it.

09. DJ Set Up: MIDI Controllers

Find out how to make the most of your MIDI controllers in order to use Traktor. The personal MIDI Mapping of Chris Liebing can be downloaded along with this Masterclass.

10. DJ Setup: Synth For DJ Setup

Chris Liebing shows you how to extend the musical possibilities of your setup by connecting and programming an external synth through MIDI.

Software & Hardware

11. Traktor: Decks & Setup

Discover the software Chris Liebing uses to play most of his records during the sessions.

12. Traktor: Effects & Loops

Chris Liebing shows you many techniques you can apply to looping and effects in each individual Traktor’s deck.

13. Organizing Your Music Library

Chris Liebing explains how he developed his own system to organize his music library and gives you ideas and tips on how to organize yours.

14. Introduction to Maschine

In this chapter, Chris Liebing explains why he finds Maschine so useful for his setup. The personal project file of Chris Liebing for Maschine can be downloaded along with this Masterclass. Even if you do not have Maschine, you can benefit from all the samples this project has.

15. Maschine for DJs

Learn in depth what Maschine can offer to DJs and how Chris Liebing takes full advantage of its features.

Mixing Techniques

16. Mixing Techniques: Volumes, Filter and EQ

Chris Liebing gives you directions and tips to work with volumes, filter and EQ during the mix and shows you with various examples.

17. Mixing Techniques: Looping and Effects

Chris Liebing teaches you techniques and tips to work with effects and loops during the mix and shows you with various examples.

18. Mixing Techniques: 4 Decks and Maschine

In this chapter, Chris Liebing explains how you can go a step further and mix with up to 4 decks plus the Maschine.

19. Mixing Techniques: Harmony

Learn about how to choose tracks depending on their key and other harmony issues when mixing.


20. B2B Tips

In this chapter, Chris Liebing goes through his own experience playing B2B format to give you his best tips about it.

21. How To Structure a Session

Find out all Chris Liebing’s tips on structuring a session taking into account the environment, length of the session, audience and other aspects.

22. How To Make the Floor Dance: Tips to Control The Live Setup

Learn about the psychology behind dealing with the audience on the dance floor to make your set successful.

Mentoring and Conclusions

23. Sources To Discover New Music

Find out the sources to discover new music and learn how to choose the right music for your sets.

24. Big Mistakes In a DJ Career

In this chapter, Chris Liebing goes through his own experience to tell you how you can prevent yourself from making some mistakes, both technically and as an artist.

25. How To Stand Out As a DJ

Chris Liebing discusses the current figure of the DJ and what it means within the Techno scene.

26. Tips For Touring

In this chapter, Chris Liebing gives you invaluable tips that will help you when touring as a DJ.

27. Tips For New DJs

Find out Chris Liebing’s tips to start as a DJ, including what steps to take and what attitude to have in order to progress.

28. Tips To Record Your Own Set

In this chapter, Chris Liebing tells you about the importance of recording your sets and tips to do it.

29. Live Session

Chris Liebing plays a set in which he shows you every issue and technique covered so far in the previous chapters (choosing tracks, effects, looping, etc.)

30. Management Team And Networking

Chris Liebing gives you his point of view on networking, booking management, and the role of a manager in your career.

Chris Liebing

Chris Liebing is a worldwide requested techno DJ and producer with more than 30 years of experience. He has played in the best venues from all over the planet, from TimeWarp and Space Ibiza to the Love Parade in Berlin where he played in front of 800.000 people.

He was one of the first DJs that used the new digital technologies in a creative way due to his collaboration with various software and hardware makers, such as Native Instruments. The real-time manipulation of his tools (Maschine, Traktor, Allen & Heath K2) plays an important role in his sets. His current set up offers practically endless possibilities that you will discover and have access to in this exclusive Masterclass.

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