Rik Simpson Masterclass

Pop Production & Mixing Coldplay’s Live Album

Mix and produce pop music with the guide of Coldplay’s multi Grammy-winning producer.

Masterclas Details

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the music production process used by Coldplay's renowned producer.

Acquire the knowledge and skills used by Rik Simpson to shape the sound of Coldplay and many other iconic pop artists.

Learn how to generate ideas and memorable hooks for your music

Take a seat next to Rik Simpson and discover his techniques for pop music composition. Learn the full process from idea generation to full arrangement creation, mixing and mastering.

Learn the advanced mixing techniques Rik used to mix Coldplay’s live album

Rik will show his original mixing project of Coldplay’s iconic song “The Scientist” used in the worldwide cinema presentation of Music Of The Spheres World Tour, to exemplify his mixing and production techniques.

Get an inside look at Rik’s professional music production studio setup

Gain an in-depth understanding of Rik’s stunning studio equipment with an exclusive look inside his hardware and software configuration.

Download the 11 commandments used while producing the album 'Viva la Vida'

Get Brian Eno’s 11 commandments, used by Coldplay, Brian, Rik and co-producer Marcus Dravs while producing the legendary album “Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends” among Rik Simpson, Markus Dravs and Coldplay.

The masterclass also includes an extensive PDF list of more than 100 of Rik Simpson’s favorite plugins

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Listen to some of the songs Rik Simpson has produced or mixed.

What will I learn?

Career and Production Setup

1. Introduction To Music and Early Life

In this chapter you’ll delve into Rik’s origins and his journey into the music industry and gain insights about the impact of technological advancements on music production. Rik will provide valuable perspectives on his collaboration with Coldplay and Chris Martin, particularly his contributions to the making of Viva La Vida.

2. Creative Advice

In this section, you’ll learn effective strategies for maintaining creativity when producing music. Rik will provide you with helpful tips on taking breaks, utilizing reference speakers, and seeking feedback from others. Additionally, he will discuss the concept of a “musical gym” and share Brian Eno’s 11 commandments for making music, all of which can serve as inspiration to enhance your creative process and optimize your workflow.

3. Studio Setup

During the studio tour, Rik will provide an in-depth look at the various hardware components that make up his setup. This includes unique equipment, such as synthesizers, drum machines, MIDI controllers, and audio interfaces. Rik will also reveal his preferred instruments and elaborate on why he opted to use them.

4. My Ableton Template

In this chapter you’ll explore Rik’s Ableton Live 11 template he uses to start a track from scratch and discover his unique production workflow. Rik will guide you through his collection of VSTs, drum plugins, soft synths, and sample folder, providing an inside look at his production setup. By understanding his techniques, you’ll be able to apply his method to your own templates in any DAW.

Understanding The Creative Process

5. Creating an Idea

Throughout this chapter you’ll learn effective strategies for generating ideas, Rik will demonstrate how he begins the creative process by using a toy piano recording as a source of inspiration. He’ll walk you through the steps of writing chords and enhancing the depth of your song by utilizing reverb pedals. By following Rik’s techniques, you’ll gain valuable insights on how to kickstart your own creative process and take your music production skills to the next level.

6. Drum & Bass Elements

In this section, Rik will guide you through the process of refining your drum and bass sections. He will showcase how to effectively integrate live drums, quantization, and compression to achieve the desired sound. Additionally, you’ll gain valuable insights on how to create a bassline using the Prophet synth and seamlessly blend it with the bass drum.

7. Melodies

Here he will guide you through the process of crafting top lines and using your instincts to craft complementary counter melodies. You’ll also learn how to develop memorable hooks that will take your melody creation to new heights.

8. Harmonies

Rik will provide his insights on layering harmonies and melodies. You’ll learn how to use 3rd and 5th harmonies to create a well-balanced sound, without being too overwhelming. Rik will demonstrate how to incorporate harmonies that enhance the overall depth of your song, while allowing other elements to shine.

Refining Your Track

9. Expanding on the Arrangement

Learn the process of transforming your initial idea into a complete arrangement. Rik will demonstrate how to structure your song, highlighting important components like the chorus, breakdowns, and other crucial elements. You’ll acquire the skills to create a consistent arrangement in your music.

10. Mixing

Here, Rik will provide you with valuable insights into the crucial role of EQ and compression when it comes to mixing a song. He’ll share his approach to creating space in your mix using clever plug-ins, and demonstrate how to use EQ and compression on individual drum sounds. By the end of this section, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to use EQ and compression to enhance the clarity and impact of your tracks.

11. Mastering Tips

In this chapter, you’ll gain valuable insights from Rik on the art of mastering. Rik will show you how to use dynamics to achieve a polished and professional final product. He’ll discuss the mastering plug-ins he uses and demonstrate how to effectively utilize these tools to master your own music at home.

Working With Coldplay

12. In-depth Mixing Techniques for Coldplay’s Live Version of ‘The Scientist’

Rik will teach us his full mixing process in a 45-minute chapter, where he will focus on the techniques he used to mix Coldplay’s live version of ‘The Scientist’ from their 2023 feature movie “Music of the Spheres’. He will explain his compressor, reverb, and delay settings and demonstrate how he achieved the tightness, punchiness, and glue of all the elements in the song. By the end of this chapter, you’ll have a complete understanding of Rik’s mixing process and be equipped with valuable knowledge to improve your own mixes.


13. Conclusion

In this final chapter, Rik will summarize the key takeaways from the masterclass and offer you expert insights on music production. He’ll provide valuable tips and advice to help you continue your growth as a music producer, and share his final thoughts to inspire and encourage you on your musical journey.

Your instructor: Rik Simpson

Rik Simpson, a multi Grammy Award-winning British record producer, sound engineer, mixer, musician and songwriter, is best known for his long relationship work with one of the best selling bands of all time, Coldplay, co-producing and engineering many of their successful album like “Viva la Vida”, “Mylo Xyloto”, “Ghost Stories”, “A Head Full Of Dreams” “Every Day Life” or “Music Of The Spheres among others.

He has also worked with acclaimed artists like Jay-Z, Portishead, PJ Harvey, Kasabian, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Jon Hopkins.

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Rik Simpson Masterclass: Pop Production & Mixing Coldplay’s Live Album
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