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Producing for Major Artists

Learn the production techniques used by the biggest names in the Hip-Hop and Pop industry

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Unveiling the Secrets of Chart-Topping Hip-Hop and Pop Tracks: Avedon's Collaborations with Russ, Ariana Grande, and Megan Thee Stallion

Avedon Hip Hop Music Production Course

Discover The Techniques Behind Major Productions

Learn the techniques used day-to-day by the producer working with some of the biggest names in the Hip-Hop and Pop industry. Watch him analyze his tracks and discover the arrangement and mixing techniques that really define a hit: understand when to leave out elements or bring in more, how to structure your hooks and choruses, create breakdowns for contrast, add color to your sound, take advantage of sampling, and make the drums slap.

Get The Pop And Hip-Hop Vibes Going

Learn how to build an effective beat for Pop and Hip-Hop as he makes a track from scratch step by step for both genres. Get inside his beat-making and producing workflow – from jamming out in the studio and working with live instrumentation to quickly translating the ideas into his DAW. Discover how to tweak melodies, process the sounds with his go-to plugins, glue it all together, add rhythm and movement to the track, and also ear candy techniques.

Make Your Vocals Shine

Get your vocals to sit in your mix and embellish them with clever edits – from removing unwanted frequencies and leaving space for the backing vocals, to tuning and adding as well as automating effects to have contrast and dynamics. Discover his vocal chains and the techniques he uses to make his vocals stand out – like working with ad libs, double tracking, processing harmonies and building big reverb backgrounds.

Watch Now: Make Your Vocals Pop With Avedon

Get free access to Chapter 09: Producing pop Vocals. Clean vocals are essential for pop tracks, and Avedon will show you how he gets them sound crisp. With Avedon’s wealth of experience in recording with some of the most famous artists, this chapter promises to offer fresh insights that will undoubtedly expand your knowledge.

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Download and Explore Avedon’s Logic Pro Templates: Unlock the Secrets of Great-Sounding Tracks and Apply Them to Your Music

Hip hop and vox templates
Download the project for the hip hop beat which he creates from scratch in the Masterclass, and discover every production technique from the inside: like how he processes the sound, the tools and plugins he uses, as well as the arrangement and automation tricks. You’ll also be able to download his vox template so you can come to see the vocal chains he uses to make his vocals stand out. Follow the methods he uses when creating beats and producing for major artists and apply them to your own productions right away.
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Listen to a selection of tracks produced by Avedon

The biggest names in the industry
Ariana Grande, Russ, Chris Brown or Bone thugs-n-harmony, amongst many others: Avedon works for the biggest names in the Hip-hop, R&B and Pop industries.
Gold and Platinum singles
He has a series of gold and platinum singles in the US: ‘Undecided’ by Chris Brown, ‘Taking a Walk’ by Trippie Redd, ‘Kika’ by 6IX9INE… And the list goes on.
1.5 billion streams worldwide
Nominated for the Grammy Awards for Best R&B Song with ‘Do It’ by Chloe x Halle, his music has already generated more than 1.5 billion streams worldwide.

What will I learn?

MODULE 01. Career & Inspiration

01. Early Life & Career

In this first chapter, you’ll learn how Avedon turned his passion into his career. From his first instrument, his first track sent to a record label and his first hit single.

02. Finding Inspiration

Don’t waste time staring at the blank page. Discover Avedon’s tips to finding inspiration in your daily life, and how he brings that to the studio to consistently surprise artists.

MODULE 02. Hip-Hop Music Production

03. Melody Basics

An introduction into melodies in Pop and Hip-Hop to begin your songwriting journey. Knowing the basics of a melody will help you make more iconic songs.

04. Making a Hip-Hop Beat: Melodies & Sampling

Starting with Hip-Hop, Avedon finds a flute loop and begins the sampling process. You’ll learn how to create a beat from scratch, using his favourite plugins and techniques.

05. Drums for Hip-Hop

Drums can be the most important element of a Hip Hop beat, but Avedon explains why simplicity is the key. Using 808s, snares, hi-hats and kicks, you’ll learn from his real creative process.

MODULE 03. Pop Music Production

06. Making a Pop Beat

With the help of a guitarist, you’ll experience a real jam session like Avedon would create with top artists.

07. Drums for Pop

Dive into Avedon’s favourite part of the beat making process, adding organic bass with toms, snares, claps and kicks. Taking the perspective of a live jam session to create an arrangement which can be sent to an artist to sing their lyrics on top.

MODULE 04. Producing Vocals

08. Producing Hip-Hop Vocals

Working with a rapper in the studio is a unique experience. Avedon will guide you through his process, how he prepares the session and how he treats the artists, so you know what to do when you start recording with vocals.

09. Producing Pop Vocals

Clean vocals are essential for pop tracks, and Avedon will show you how he gets them to sound crisp. With his experience in recording.

MODULE 05. Track Reviews

10. Track Review: What’s New – Megan Thee Stallion

Diving into one of his most famous tracks, Avedon speaks about how the song came out, the first elements and the original idea. Seeing the individual track stems will help you visualize his process so you can use these techniques in your own music.

11. Track Review: The Flute Song – Russ

Working with an international artist like Russ and collaborating with Scott Storch, you’ll see firsthand how a track goes from a simple sample to a chart topper.

12. Track Review: Own It – Rico Nasty

For Avedon, the collaboration process and sharing ideas to create tracks is very important. You’ll learn the original sample loop of the track and how he built the track around it.

MODULE 06. Tips for New Producers

13. Tips for New Producers

For any new producer looking for real advice directly from an industry professional, this chapter is one you don’t want to miss. From industry and business tips to technical production techniques.


Born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands but based in Los Angeles, DJ/Producer Avedon is internationally recognized as an innovative multi-talent. Having enjoyed success as a worldwide touring DJ, Avedon followed his accomplishments by making a name for himself as a producer in the music scene, and has established himself as an iconic and prolific producer within the American hip-hop and R&B music scene. In 2016 Avedon found himself producing the new album for legendary hip-hop artists Bone thugs-n-harmony. June 2017 ‘New Waves’ got released by eOne entertainment, crediting Avedon on 15 tracks.

From there Avedon joined the multi-platinum and Grammy award winning super producer Scott Storch as his co-producer. They worked on records from Russ, A$ap Ferg, Nipsey Hussle, Trippie Red, Fat Joe, Maluma, Kyle, Chris Brown, Fabulous and many more. Avedon also operates out of his own studio in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, working with artists like Kris Kross Amsterdam, Lauren Sanderson, Jason Zhang, RiRi, Brooke Evers, Brown and Gray, Krayzie Bone, Sean Kingston, Tank and the list continues to grow. His music has already generated more than 1.5 billion streams worldwide.

Learn how to Produce for Major Artists - A Hip Hop Production Course

Discover The Techniques Behind Major Productions With Avedon
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