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Scott Storch: Discover the hitmaking workflow that made him a legend

The 8x Grammy-winning producer in his first-ever Masterclass

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Dr.Dre, 50Cent, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé and Trippie Redd, are just a few artists he's made hits for.

Scott Storch Hip Hop Music Production Course

Get Inside His Hits

Learn from the mastermind producer, Scott Storch, with hits like Dr. Dre’s ‘Still D.R.E.’ and 50 Cent’s ‘Candy Shop’. You’ll discover everything from his keyboard techniques to keeping things simple, composing strong melodies that make great tracks, looking for the perfect imperfection and finding that one sonic element which makes a track special. Take a look at the best Scott Storch Beats.

Watch Him Create Step by Step

Follow his workflow for the first time as he lays out how to create a track from scratch. Watch him progress quickly and follow his range of techniques – how he lays the foundations, the plugins he uses when picking the sounds, how he defines the song’s structure and chooses the right tempo, and adds 808s to his beat. Learn how he produces Scott Storch Beats.

Grasp the Keys to His Sound

Pick up on the valuable insights from the 30-year career of one of the most famous record producers of all time. Discover his methods for working with labels and major artists, dealing with egos in the studio and building a good vibe to get the best results from a session.

Watch Now: How Scott Storch Selects His Sounds

Get free access to Chapter 05: Choosing sounds. Learn what sounds are important to Scott and what tools he usually uses to produce them. Take a look at his unique workflow.

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Listen to some of the tracks Scott Storch produced and wrote

What will I learn?

Becoming Scott Storch

01. My Story

Get inspired by listening to Scott Scorch’s story told by himself, since he started as a kid until he became a professional musician and producer. Discover what steps he took during his career and some of his biggest accomplishments that brought him where he is now in the music industry.

In the Studio

02. Planning to Work With a Major Artist

Learn what it means to work with a big artist and all the steps that Scott takes into account when planning for the process. How he prepares the sessions and chooses his team, and also how he communicates with the big artist and his methods to find the best ideas until you get the foundations for a song.

03. Dealing With Egos in The Studio

Learn how to keep a good environment in the studio and deal with different kinds of people.

My Signature Sound

04. My Keyboard Techniques

Discover how Scott learned how to play the piano and how that influenced the techniques Scott uses nowadays when composing patterns and melodies on the piano, some of which he shows us in this chapter.

05. Choosing Sounds

Learn what kind of sounds are important to Scott and what tools he usually uses to produce them. Also how he looks for more specific and special sounds.

06. Selecting Drum Sounds

In this chapter Scott tells us about how he has searched for drum sounds in the past and how he chooses and works with them now, and prepares his drum loops.

Creating a Track From Scratch

07. Defining a Song Structure

Learn some of Scott’s best tips to define the structure of a song to make it unique and have its own personality, and watch and listen to some examples.

08. Defining a Bassline

In this chapter, Scott talks about several aspects you need to take into account when creating your bassline. Listen to his tips and examples to choose the correct sound and make it energetic by using different notes and variations.

09. Choosing a Tempo and Progressing a Song

Understand the importance of choosing a correct tempo for your track. Also, learn tips to make it progress by adding different kinds of elements depending on the kind of flow you are looking for.

10. Live Studio Session: Making a Track From Scratch

Discover how Scott collaborates in the studio with other artists to create a track from scratch. See how different members contribute during the process, having their own roles and complementing each other. And watch how Scott deals with different moments of the track, recording different parts of the track himself or finding them among different samples, and then editing them in detail.

Track Reviews

11. Track Review: Still D.R.E. – Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg

Scott tells us about one of the most iconic accomplishments in his career when he worked on the record ‘Still D.R.E.’ with Dr. Dre. He shows us the formula he used to create the keyboard line and why it worked so well in the song.

12. Track Review: Candy Shop – 50 Cent

Scott also tells us the story behind the record ‘Candy shop’ by 50 Cent. He tells us how he composed it and produced it, and how the recording was with the artists.

13. Track Review: Fighter – Christina Aguilera

In this chapter Scott tells us how he got to produce such a different genre for him – pop-rock – specifically on the track ‘Fighter’ by Christina Aguilera. He shares his experience collaborating with her, the song itself, the challenges he faced and the pressure he felt throughout the process.

Inside the Industry

14. Relationships Between Music Producers and Labels

Learn Scott’s tips for cultivating positive relationships with record labels and making a lasting impression on them.

15. Music Production Evolution

In this chapter, Scott reflects on the evolution of music production from the past to the present day. He shares his insights on how technology has significantly transformed various aspects of the industry, including his perspective on the changing audience expectations.

Tips For New Producers

16. Working With New Artists

Explore Scott’s firsthand experience of collaborating with emerging artists and uncover his perspective on the advantages and challenges that come with working alongside talents who are yet to establish themselves. Gain valuable insights as he shares his tips and strategies for navigating these unique circumstances, offering practical advice on overcoming the obstacles that arise when working with relatively unknown artists.

17. Tips For New Producers

In this last chapter, Scott gives us what he considers from his experience to be the 10 most important tips to be a successful producer. It is very valuable advice that will help you advance your career faster.

Scott Storch

Legendary Music Producer

When Scott Storch ’The Piano Man’ is on the keys, he delivers hit after hit. Some of the biggest turning points in popular music stem from one lifelong musician behind a piano.

Grammy Awards

With eight Grammy Awards and sales of 100 million-plus to his name, he’s one of the top music producers in the business.

Timeless Hits

Scott Storch’s discography spans dozens of chart-toppers, including Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me a River’, Beyoncé’s ‘Baby Boy’, and Mario’s ‘Let Me Love You’.

Becoming a Hitmaker with Scott Storch - Hip Hop Production Course

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