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The complete Manual

on video  

Reading the manual is an important step in understanding any piece of technology. Gain a deep understanding of Ableton Live’s Reference Manual -its 819 pages from cover to cover- with easy to follow video lessons guiding you through your producing journey.

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Mel Uye-Parker Ableton Certified TrainerWhether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, learn how to take the most of your DAW and turn yourself into a much more confident music producer. Learn how to use the latest features of Ableton Live 11, and discover every capability to help you better express your musical ideas.

Learn by practicing,

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Learn Ableton Live 11Put in practice every lesson and apply the concepts you are learning right away with practical exercises to complete at your own pace. These exercises are supported by downloadable content like templates, effect racks and sample packs.

Ableton Live’s Manual translated into video

Ableton Certified Trainer Mel Uye-Parker has translated Ableton Live 11 Reference Manual into a series of videos, exercises and downloadable content to make your learning experience easier and more efficient. Join Mel Uye-Parker as she guides you on how to do everything possible and create your own music from start to finish in Ableton Live 11.

You do not need any music gear other than a laptop or computer and a copy of Ableton Live. A free trial of Suite is available on the Ableton website -with this, you can save and export for 90 days without restriction.




Melissa Uye-Parker is a British-Nigerian producer, performer and educator based in London, making music since 2006. As a vocalist and songwriter, she has collaborated with the likes of Matthew Herbert, Rae & Christian, Yesking and, more recently, produces under the moniker, Mjiri.

Mel is also an experienced music educator and Ableton Certified Trainer. She currently leads Education at CDR (a community-driven music platform started from the UK underground music scene) and is an Advisor for The Rights Studio (a creative hub for people and organisations to engage on human rights issues).

An Ableton Certified Trainer is an Ableton Live expert who communicates technical information in a clear, concise and engaging manner. To ensure that Ableton Certified Trainers have the instructional skills and technical competency to deliver quality training, Ableton requires all trainers to successfully complete Ableton Trainer Certification.

Mel Uye-Parker Ableton Certified Trainer









First Steps

01 – Welcome

02 – First Steps

03 – Authorizing Live

Live Concepts

04 – Live Concepts

05 – Arrangement View

06 – Session View

07 – Clip View

08 – Audio Clips, Tempos and Warping

Editing MIDI and MPE

09 – Editing Midi Notes and Velocities

10 – Editing MPE

11 – Converting Audio to Midi

12 – Using Grooves

Working with Clips

13 – Launching Clips

14 – Routing and I/O

15 – Mixing

16 – Recording New Clips

17 – Comping

Instruments and Effects

18 – Instrument, Drums and Effect Racks

19 – Working with Instruments and Effects

Automation and Envelopes

20 – Automation and Editing Envelopes

21 – Clip Envelopes

Working with Video

22 – Working with Video

Live Effect Reference

23 – Live Audio Effect Reference: Definition

24 – Live Audio Effect Reference: Creativity Examples

25 – Live MIDI Effect Reference

Live Instrument Reference

26 – Drum Rack

27 – Samples and Synths

28 – Max for Live

MIDI, Key Remote Control and Synchronization

29 – MIDI and Key Remote Control

30 – Synchronizing with Link

Computer Audio Resources and Strategies

31 – Computer Audio Resources and Strategies