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Vocal & Creative Processes

Discover TĀLĀ’s creative production techniques to make your sound stand out.

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Process, manipulate, and transform your vocal recordings.

Gainstation 2 by Mike Dean

Included in the Connect Membership

In this class, you’ll see how TĀLĀ uses the Gainstation 2 by Mike Dean plugin for vocal chops, adding saturation, and giving her 808s and horns the sound she wants. This Acustica plugin, developed in collaboration with Studio DMI and producer Mike Dean (Kanye West, Travis Scott, 2 Chainz, Jay-Z, Drake), is the go-to Plugin for distortion and creative sound mangling – and just like TĀLĀ’s Masterclasses, it’s included in the Connect Membership.

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What will I learn?

01. Introduction

Introduction to working with vocals – get TĀLĀ’s philosophy on different approaches to consider depending on the artist you’re working with, and what you’re trying to achieve.

02. Vocals and Creative Processes

Using vocals recorded for an old track, TĀLĀ shows what the original sample sounds like, how she processes it to transform it into something new, and how she uses Acustica’s Gainstation 2 by Mike Dean on vocal chops.

03. Layering and Arranging Vocals

TĀLĀ records new vocals for the track and goes into her process for layering and arranging.

04. Acusticas’s Gainstation 2 by Mike Dean – Extra Effects

TĀLĀ demonstrates how she uses Acustica’s Gainstation 2 by Mike Dean on her 808s and horns to make everything pop.

This is TĀLĀ

Born in Hampton to an Iranian father and English mother, TĀLĀ’s heritage meant she was immersed in a variety of sounds from a young age, from Googosh and Michael Ball to Garage, RnB and Hip-Hop. After the Aesop label release ‘The Duchess’ EP, TĀLĀ signed with Columbia and released three more EPs, including the experimental ‘Malika’ which found her traveling to collaborate with artists from Egypt, Turkey South Korea and the US. Her collaboration with BANKS on the track ‘Wolfpack’ began TĀLĀ’s transition into electronic producer and RnB songwriter, and she has since sold out headline shows at The Courtyard and The ICA, remixing for the likes of Katy Perry and Petite Noir.

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Vocal & Creative Processes
  • 4 Chapters
  • Subtitles : Spanish, English, German, French & Portuguese
  • 36 minutes
  • English
  • 4K Video
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