Creative techniques for singers, songwriters and composers with Jamie Lidell


Learn new ways to find creativity, get experimental with your voice, and discover your music with a whole new approach

Jamie Lidell Masterclass

Get playful with your tracks

Get to grips with creativity as he shows you his most unique and experimental ways to develop new ideas that really stand out. Watch him work in the studio and discover how being experimental with your equipment and DAW is the key to improve your tracks – from creative techniques for piano to effects that give texture and character to your sound.

Use and process your voice

Learn new ways to use and process your voice to create magic, and learn about interesting effects – like running vocals through guitar pedals, doubling them in hallways, using cheap as well as underwater microphones, singing through a Leslie speaker, and pitch shifting vocals. Get creative with your voice in both the recording and processing stages, and really bring your tracks to life.

Experiment and have fun

Follow his creative process as he creates a track using the equipment at his disposal, from finding inspiration and songwriting to processing and arranging. Discover the collection of techniques he has utilized throughout his career and find what it means to really get experimental and make extraordinary music.

Get the most interesting ideas for your tracks and bring life to your music by being different

Download his sound

Download the stems from the track he creates in the Masterclass, and experiment with his sound. Discover the uniqueness behind his 808’s, flutes, vocals or fxs and apply the same sounds and techniques to your own tracks instantly. Follow his methods and be experimental, creative, and innovative in ways like never before.

What will you learn?


01. Early life
02. Becoming Jamie Lidell

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03. Getting past the fear of the blank page

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04. Motor
05. Reverb
06. Black tape on piano
07. Dampening a piano sound

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08. Pitch tracking
09. Running voice through guitar pedals
10. Running voice through guitar pedals (part II)
11. Vocals into toy sampler
12. Using cheap microphones
13. Transducer speaker & contact mic
14. Underwater microphone & speaker
15. Vocals to eurorack
16. Leslie effect on vocals

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17. Editing vocal recordings
18. Recording vocals
19. Processing vocal beatbox
20. Pitch shifting vocals
21. Turning sounds into beats
22. Processing hydrophone samples
23. Doubling vocals in Hallway
24. Arrangement

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Jamie Lidell

British producer Jamie Lidell became widely recognized for his effective neo-soul vocals and performances as for his earlier career as a producer of groovy experimental Techno. Lidell recorded a solo album for Warp in 2000, Muddlin Gear. Five years later, still on Warp, he pursued an organic neo-soul direction for Multiply, heavily assisted by fellow instrumentalist and producer Mocky. Likened to Sly Stone, Prince and Little Richard, he became Britain’s voice of soul for the new era.

For 2010’s Compass, Lidell changed directions once again, employing the likes of Beck, Feist, and members of Grizzly Bear; its lead song, the title track, was a rather spacy folk-blues epic that later appeared in the soundtrack of the Rockstar video game Red Dead Redemption. He also wrote and sang on a track for Simian Mobile Disco’s Unpatterns album from 2012, and moved to Nashville.

After building his own studio, he used it to record his follow-up album for Warp, the self-titled Jamie Lidell, which saw release in early 2013. His sixth album, Building a Beginning, dropped in 2016 and was the first to be issued on his own Jajulin label.

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Get experimental with your voice and rediscover creativity  with Jamie Lidell