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Introduction to Melodic House & Techno Production

Learn how to craft intuitive melodic house and techno tracks, while delving into the art of mixing and creative sound design

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Unlock VONDA7’s pro secrets to creating irresistible tracks with unique sounds and mixing techniques to elevate your music to the next level

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What will I learn?

01. Finding Inspiration

Are you struggling to get into a creative mindset and find inspiration for your music? In this chapter, VONDA7 guides you through her proven techniques for overcoming creative blocks and staying motivated. Discover how to develop your own unique approach to making music and unlock your full potential.

02. Starting a Song

Understand the importance of finishing songs and revisiting ideas. Get VONDA7’s advice on increasing your productivity and developing your skills as a songwriter, as you learn how to structure your ideas within Ableton, creating a basic arrangement, and begin to flesh out your sound palette.

03. Kick & Bass

If you’re struggling to create powerful and unique kicks and basslines, look no further than this chapter. With VONDA7’s guidance, you’ll learn how to use built-in stock synthesizers and Kick2 by Sonic Academy to craft your own hypnotic, pulsating techno tracks. VONDA7’s “less is more” approach will help you avoid overloading your tracks and instead create a focused and captivating sound.

04. Finding a Groove

Discover her approach to creating grooves using some of her favorite tools, including XO Drums by Excellent Audio. With her tips and tricks, you’ll be able to improve your drum programming skills and make your tracks stand out with unique, catchy rhythms, and irresistible grooves.

05. Melodic Elements

In this chapter VONDA7 guides you through different scales and chord progressions and their accompanying emotions and meaning. You’ll be able to apply this knowledge to your own tracks and create melodies that truly resonate with your audience.

06. Using Vocals

Learn how to effectively use vocals in your melodic house and techno tracks. Discover her approach to using and processing vocals, helping you add your own unique touch to your vocal recordings and make them fit seamlessly into your tracks.

07. Arrangement & Mix

VONDA7 explains why it’s important to consider both storytelling and DJ-friendliness during the arrangement and mix stages, giving you the tools you need to create polished and professional tracks. With her guidance, you’ll learn how to structure your track, create transitions, tension and release, and use automation to create a dynamic and evolving soundscape.


VONDA7 is a Polish-born DJ, producer, and label owner, known for her outstanding music productions and DJ sets. Her unique blend of melodic house and techno, infused with influences from hip-hop, synth-pop, and indietronica, has earned her recognition from top DJs and radio presenters. Her dynamic output is bold, consistently interesting, and always pushing boundaries, and she showcases her full artistic vision through art|werk, her own record label. With extensive knowledge and experience in music production, VONDA7 is an inspiring teacher for anyone looking to make their mark in the electronic music scene, helping her students create their own captivating and engaging tracks.

Introduction to Melodic House & Techno Production

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  • 7 Chapters
  • Subtitles : Spanish, English, German, French & Portuguese
  • 1 Hour 13 Minutes
  • English
  • 4K Video
  • Ableton Live

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Introduction to Melodic House & Techno Production
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