Beginner’s Guide: Entering the Music Scene with Anfisa Letyago

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Learn the insights on how to become a professional artist from one of the leaders of the new electronic music school

Anfisa Letyago Masterclass

Anfisa Letyago studio

Boost your career

Discover for the very first time the steps and production techniques she took to become a rising star of Europe’s techno scene.

Ableton Live Project

Inside her tracks

Get deep into the Ableton projects of her Top tracks “Listen” and “Orizzonte” and watch her create a track from scratch.

Anfisa Letyago Stage

Manage your brand

Learn how to build and manage a label to have total control over your music and get insightful tips on how to engage with your followers.

Explore the original ‘El Encuentro’ project with Amaia.

Experience the genesis of the original idea, the evolution of the chord progression and witness the final result of Alizzz’s collaboration with Amaia.

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“Find your inspiration and start making a living out of your passion”.

What will you learn?

MODULE 01: My Career

Discover Anfisa’s story as a DJ and as a producer. When and how her interest in music begins, how she enters the music industry, and how she leads her career to this day.

In this chapter Anfisa gives us advice to advance in your professional career.

MODULE 02: My Studio

Anfisa shows us which are the basic elements of her studio and why they are essential for her.

In this chapter Anfisa shows us her favourite and most effective plugins, and how she uses them to get the most out of them.

MODULE 03: Creating a Track From Scratch

Discover step by step how to create the first beats of a new track the way Anfisa does it.

Watch how Anfisa adjusts a blank Ableton project and all the steps she takes to shape a new track.

In this chapter Anfisa teaches you what automation is and how to use it in a creative way to work on the structure of your tracks.

MODULE 04: Track Reviews

Anfisa shows you the original project of her track “Listen” and explains how she produced it.

Anfisa shows you the original project of her track “Orizzonte” and explains how she produced it.

MODULE 05: Developing Your Career

In this chapter Anfisa gives us ideas to find inspiration when creating our music.

In this chapter Anfisa advises us not to miss any opportunity to keep learning.

Anfisa explains to us how she uses social networks, the type of content she publishes and how she works on her professional image.

Anfisa explains her strategies to communicate with her audience and her followers on social networks.

MODULE 06: Creating & Managing a Label

Discover in this chapter the advantages of creating your own brand and your own record label.

Anfisa explains strategies to set up your record label and the right approach to make it work.

In this chapter Anfisa explains the process she applies to sign new artists and how she works with them.

Listen to Anfisa explain what is essential for her when working as a team.

Anfisa tells us what the scene was like for female DJs and producers when she started and how it has evolved.

In this chapter Anfisa encourages all women who want to devote themselves to their passion for electronic music.

Anfisa Letyago

Young, talented, charming and charismatic, Anfisa Letyago started her career in 2010 and after an initial period she was noticed by some of the main artists of the international electronic scene Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Charlotte de Witte and many others who began to play assiduously her productions.

The meeting with Carl Cox is one of the most important stages in Anfisa’s musical growth; the English artist believes in her from the beginning and entrusts her with two EPs onIntec Digital, declaring in two interviews (“Forbes” and “DJ Mag TOP100”) that “AnfisaLetyago is the revelation of the last year, a live performer talented and full of energy”.

Carl is not the only thick artist to notice Anfisa’s talent; from the acid-house icon DJ Pierre(who confirms her among the remixers of his 35-years career project), passing through Radioslave (who entrusts her with an EP for “Rekids”), Pan-Pot (EP on their label “SecondState”) and Adam Beyer who invites her for a special release on Drumcode, a label that needs no introduction and that has forged many talents of the contemporary electronic scene.

The place where Anfisa is most comfortable is certainly the console, where she skillfully mixes the various influences that characterize her musical journey; to a techno matrix sheadds more groovy sounds that make her sets irresistible… Clubs and festival such as Ultra, Tomorrowland, Loveland, Watergat, Hyte, Crobar, Baum and many others have noticed it.

Anfisa Letyago Online Masterclass Aulart

Beginner’s Guide: Entering the Music Scene with Anfisa Letyago

Anfisa Letyago Online Masterclass Aulart

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Gift this Masterclass
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Gift this Masterclass
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