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Take your music to the next level with our Connect membership and access an ever-growing selection of premium Software, Plugins, and Sample packs – just use the codes below to redeem


The Connect membership comes with premium benefits totaling over $1200 in value.


Access software from the world’s best brands including a DAW, virtual instruments, and plugins.


Access high quality and inspiring sounds to elevate your tracks: over 15GB and 2400 sounds.


Download projects, packs, configurations and templates designed by your favorite artists.

  • Ableton
    Limited Time Only
    Ableton Live 11 Intro
    Start producing and performing straight away within one intuitive interface. The Ableton Live 11 Intro DAW is equipped with four software instruments (Simpler, Impulse, Drum Rack and Instrument Racks) which can be enhanced with the 21 audio effects and 11 MIDI effects. Included in Connect. (Worth $99)
  • Native Instruments
    Limited Time Only
    Native Instruments 40's Very Own Drums
    40’s Very Own Drums is a Play Series instrument with sounds curated by a genre-defining Hip-Hop producer: Noah “40” Shebib. Every kick, clap, and hi hat is mixed to perfection and infused with 40’s signature style, giving you drum sounds that are everything from atmospheric and emotional, to crisp and hard-hitting. Included in Connect. (Worth $69)
  • Native Instruments
    Native Instruments Komplete Start
    Komplete Start is a free production suite with a curated selection of studio-quality instruments, effects, utilities, loops, and samples for the low price of nothing at all. Play over 2,000 customizable sounds. Download it to use Native Instrument’s Hybrid Keys and 40s Very Own Drums (Included in Connect).
  • Native Instruments
    Limited Time Only
    Native Instruments Hybrid Keys
    Hybrid Keys blends sampled pianos, synthesizers, mallets, and more, adding creative effects to produce completely new sounds. Hybrid patches that combine keyboard samples and creative effects. Extensive presets plus easy customization in an intuitive interface. Included in Connect. (Worth $49)
  • Eventide
    Just launched!
    Eventide Physion Mk II
    Access the freshly released Physion Mk II: a powerful, modern approach to multi-effects delivering a new dimension of sounds. It combines Transient/Tonal separation with Eventide effects, opening the door to practical mixing solutions and creative applications. Featuring Structural Split™ detection from SplitEQ and a streamlined workflow designed with producers, mixers, and sound designers in mind, Physion Mk II allows you to discover new sonic horizons and smarter solutions in no time. Included in Connect. (Worth $179)
  • Cableguys
    Just launched!
    Cableguys TimeShaper 3
    Just like a DJ working vinyl, TimeShaper 3 lets you freely manipulate the flow of time, slowing down or accelerating your music. Simply draw the exact LFO shapes you need – the unique curve-editing tools make it fast and easy. Warp pitch and time to create everything from essential everyday FX to extreme multiband transformations. Included in Connect. (Worth $29)
  • UVI
    Just launched!
    UVI Model D
    Enjoy the sound of a beautiful Concert Grand Model D captured in the Guillaume Tell sound stage in Paris. Deep multi-sampling, precision mastering and advanced scripting provide you with all the warmth, expressiveness and detail of this majestic instrument. Included in Connect.

    (Worth $49)
  • Acustica
    Acustica Gainstation 2 by Mike Dean
    Developed in collaboration with Studio DMI and super-producer Mike Dean (Kanye West, 2Pac, Scarface, Travis Scott, 2 Chainz, Jay-Z, Drake), Gainstation 2 is the go-to Plugin for distortion and creative sound mangling. Included in Connect. Also includes an additional selection of Acustica plugins. (Worth $149)
  • Audiomodern
    Audiomodern Riffer
    The Riffer Plugin is a smart MIDI tool that generates musical Riffs & Sequences by combining Pitch, Duration, Velocity & Density. Built for your sounds, Software & Hardware. Turn them into something of your own or let it run endlessly using the infinity mode. Included in Connect. (Worth $149)
  • Splice
    Limited Time Only
    Splice Splice 3 Month License
    Access to millions of samples and software with a 3 month subscription to Sound+ or Creator Plan. Splice helps music creators bring their ideas to life. Through a vast, industry-leading catalog of high-quality licensed samples, paired with powerful AI, the platform accelerates deep sound discovery and inspiration. (Worth $60)
  • Output
    Output Movement
    The Movement Plugin’s powerful engine ensures powerful rhythms – they’re your sounds, only with insane rhythms. Add extreme effects to any input in real time, in the studio or on the stage. Included in Connect. Click the button to get your serial code, then register it at to download Movement to your Output account. (Worth $149)
  • Nugen Audio
    Nugen Audio Stereoizer Elements
    Stereoizer Elements is a simplified version of the Stereoizer Plugin, giving access to all three of its stereo width algorithms: linear width, Interaural Intensity Difference and Interaural Time Difference, via one straightforward control. Included in Connect. (Worth $49)
  • Serato
    Serato Serato Studio 3 Month License
    Create album-quality beats easily with Serato Studio's modern workflow and sampling technology, purpose-built for beatmakers. Snap into your creative flow with a 3 Month Subscription to Serato Studio’s powerful music production technology, designed to help you create high-quality beats in seconds. Included in Connect.   (Worth $9.99/Month)
  • Kilohearts
    Kilohearts 1 Month Subscription
    The Kilohearts Subscription gives you instant access to every single Kilohearts plugin, and all official Content Banks. Enjoy the groundbreaking modular synthesizer Phase Plant, other highly customizable modular effects hosts, and all effects plugins for 1 month. Included in Connect. (Worth $9.99/Month)
  • Sonarworks
    Sonarworks 20% Off
    Used and loved by 100,000+ studios and 55+ Grammy-Awarded-Engineers worldwide, SoundID Reference removes unwanted sound coloration from studio speakers and headphones, so you can trust that every mix will translate – get 20% off all software products. Included in Connect. 
  • Spitfire
    Spitfire 20% Off
    Spitfire Audio’s ever-expanding catalog of pristine orchestral samples and instrumental techniques are derived from recordings of some of the finest players in the world. Get the free BBC Symphony Sample Pack, and 20% off the entire website. Included in Connect.
  • PSPaudioware
    PSPaudioware 50% Off
    PSPaudioware develops high quality audio effects and processor Plugins, with products garnering rave reviews and endorsements from every corner of the music production, engineering, composition, and post-production worlds. 50% off the entire website. Included in Connect.
  • Loopcloud
    Loopcloud Sample pack
    Loopcloud is an all‑in‑one music maker. Groundbreaking features and integrated instruments make Loopcloud a beatmaker's paradise. Enjoy 1,58GB and 914 sounds: choose between the Rodriguez Jr., Carl Craig, Loopmaster’s Hip Hop & Rap, or Signature Techno Sample Pack. Included in Connect. (Worth $40,21)  
  • Tim Penner
    Tim Penner Beginner’s Handbook
    Download this handbook to follow every step Tim takes to create a track from start to finish, and familiarize yourself with all the tools that you need to become a well-rounded artist. You’ll discover a new perspective on electronic music, so you can bring out those ideas from inside your head. 
  • Albert Neve
    Albert Neve Logic Pro X Template
    Download the template Neve uses every time he starts a new track. Use it when you start a new project and waste no time uploading the most useful effects and settings you need for every track to maximize your workflow. Save it as your default template, adapt it to your own needs, and use it to simplify and speed up the production process.
  • Chris Liebing
    Chris Liebing MIDI Mapping configuration
    Setting the MIDI Mapping in Traktor is usually a complicated task. Download the complete MIDI Mapping configuration created by Chris Liebing along with Allen&Heath K2.
  • Chris Liebing
    Chris Liebing Maschine Project configuration and 109 samples
    Have access to Chris Liebing’s personal Maschine project. Download the configuration and 109 samples specially designed for live set up and ready to use in your shows.
  • Chris Liebing
    Chris Liebing 30 Kick Samples
    Chris Liebing’s kick drum sounds are well-known for their clarity and punchiness. And as part of his Masterclass, he’s designed an exclusive pack with 30 kick drum sounds for you to use in your own Techno tracks and sessions.
  • Oscar L
    Oscar L Techno Jam Projects & Grooves
    Looking for inspiration for your music productions? Look no further than Oscar L's downloadable Ableton Live projects. With these projects, you can explore grooves and sounds to jumpstart your creativity, and easily make them your own by substituting samples and adjusting parameters to fit your unique vision.
  • Hannes Bieger
    Hannes Bieger Hannes’ Guide for Music Production
    Download Hannes Bieger’s friendly guide for music production and follow his personal advice to get the perfect club sound. The guide contains his 30 most recommended tips for music production, from creativity and composition tricks to arranging and mixing advice.
  • Hannes Bieger
    Hannes Bieger Drum Pack
    Get Hannes Bieger’s sound for your own tracks. Download a sample pack containing his drum sounds from the track ‘Into the Dark’, including kick, snare, hats, tom and cymbal samples. Also, get his guide for music production and follow his top 30 tips to get the perfect club sound.
  • Regal
    Regal Ableton Live 11 template + stems
    Download the Ableton Live project from the track he creates in his Masterclass, and learn how he processes his audio and midi tracks with stock plugins. You’ll also get a sample pack  with more than 30 24-bit royalty-free files with Acid Techno basslines created by Regal.
  • Regal
    Regal 303 Loops Pack
    The loops pack contains more than 30 24-bit royalty-free files with Acid Techno basslines created by Regal.
  • Rodriguez Jr.
    Rodriguez Jr. Bonus sounds & samples
    Download Rodriguez Jr.’s unique and inspiring synth and drum loops, and experiment with his sound. Get inspired by the vintage synthesizers, keyboards and dusty analog gear of his studio in Paris, and follow his steps.
  • Rodriguez Jr.
    Rodriguez Jr. Ableton Live project
    Download the Ableton Live project from the track he creates in his Masterclass. This project also contains unique and inspiring synth and drum loops for you to experiment with his sound. Get inspired by the vintage synthesizers, keyboards and dusty analog gear of his Paris studio.

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