Presentation “El sueño del DJ: Memorias” (Dj’s dream: Memoirs) by Hernan Cattaneo

On August 10th, 2021, Aulart had the honor of presenting, in the Auditorium of the Jaume Fuster Library in Barcelona, ​​the autobiographical book of the Argentine international DJ Hernan Cattaneo: “El Sueño del Dj: Memorias”, in which he explains his extensive career and what it has meant for him to fulfill his dream of dedicating himself professionally to mixing electronic music at the highest level.

With the great Javier Blánquez as host, renowned writer of the books “Loops: a history of electronic music in the 20th century” and “Loops 2: a history of electronic music in the 21st century”, Hernan talks in a relaxed way about some of the experiences collected in the book, the key moments and the most important figures of his career, and also answers questions from the audience.

From his first contact seeing a professional DJ in action, going through his many visits to New York to see Franky Knuckles live, to his residency at Pacha Buenos Aires and his performance with Chemical Brothers and Paul Oakenfold who would lead him to tour internationally with the latter, Hernan in this talk reviews some of the turning points that marked his faultless professional career.

All presented by Marc Marzenit, artist, CEO and founder of Aulart, who will also be the voice of the public through the internet, asking the questions received online to the respected Argentine DJ.

You can watch the full event on our Spanish youtube channel. Just turn the automatic translation into English in the configuration settings: 


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August 31, 2021

By Dave
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