Felguk Masterclass

Advanced Sidechain Techniques for Club Music

Elevate your music production skills with Felguk's expert guidance on sidechain compression, enhancing clarity and balance in your music.

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Discover the art of dynamic mixing with Felguk's guidance. Explore sidechain compression's power to enhance vocals, eliminate clashes, and create pumping effects.

Felguk Masterclass

Making Vocals Shine

Explore how sidechain compression can transform vocals into the protagonist of your track, allowing them to stand out in a synth-heavy section. Create a professional and polished sound.

Clear and Dynamic Mixes with Reverb and Delay

Discover how sidechain compression can be used for ducking in reverb and delay effects, ensuring a clear and immersive sound without sacrificing clarity in the mix.

Organizing the Low End for Club Music

Learn advanced sidechain compression techniques to avoid clashing sounds and create a cohesive sound in club music. Enhance your mixes by adding body and fullness to the sound without overpowering other elements.

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What will I learn?

01. What Is Compression and Sidechain Compression?

In this chapter, Felguk dives into the world of sidechain compression for club music. He starts by explaining the concept of compression as an automatic volume control, allowing you to set a threshold of loudness. Sidechain compression takes it a step further, with an external signal controlling the volume of another sound. This technique is commonly used in club music to resolve conflicts between the kick drum and bass line, which often occupy the same frequency range. By using sidechain compression, producers can create a cleaner and more balanced mix.

02. Sidechain as a Pumping Effect

Felguk explores the two main approaches to sidechain compression: as an effect and as a mixing tool. He demonstrates how to create the pumping effect using the plugin Kickstart, which emulates sidechain compression. By adjusting the volume envelope and automation, he shows how to achieve different levels of intensity and gradually introduce the pumping effect. These techniques are valuable for producers looking to create dynamic and impactful club music.

03. Sidechain as a Mixing Tool

Felguk dives into the intricacies of sidechain compression in Ableton. He emphasizes the importance of using headphones to discern the subtle differences that sidechain compression can make in a mix. By demonstrating the before and after effects of sidechain compression on a bassline, he showcases how this technique can greatly improve the clarity and prevent clashing with other elements in a track. Instructor Felguk also introduces the concept of using multiband compression to specifically target and control the low frequencies of a bassline, further enhancing the mix. Overall, this chapter provides valuable insights and techniques for using sidechain compression as a powerful mixing tool in club music production.

04. Creating Space in the Low End

In this chapter, Felguk demonstrates the use of sidechain compression in Ableton to organize clashing sounds in the low end. He shares an example track he made a few years ago and explains how he uses a continuous bass line to add body and fullness to the sound. He also discusses the challenges of having multiple elements competing for the same frequency spectrum and shows how to use sidechain compression to address this issue. By applying subtle sidechain compression and using specific plugins, he effectively eliminates clashes and creates a more balanced mix. This chapter provides valuable insights and techniques for producers looking to enhance their club music productions with sidechain compression.

05. Ducking Effect on Reverb and Delay

In this chapter Felguk explains how sidechain compression originated from radio broadcasting, where it was used to automatically lower the volume of background music when the narrator spoke. By applying sidechain compression to reverb and delay effects, producers can create a cleaner mix and prevent muddiness. Felguk also demonstrates how to achieve this effect using various plugins and shares personal anecdotes about how this technique has transformed his own music production process.

06. Fixing Clashes on the Mix

In this chapter we will see how to use sidechain compression to create a subtle yet important effect in a track. By using sidechain compression, Felguk shows how to make vocals stand out and become the protagonist in a mix. This valuable insight and skill can make a significant difference in the professional quality of a track, highlighting the importance of small details in music production. So, get inspired and explore these concepts for yourself to take your music to the next level.

Your instructor: Felguk

Felguk, the acclaimed Brazilian dance music sensation, boasts a decade-long career defined by innovation, musical excellence, and DJ prowess. With 5 appearances in DJ Mag’s Top 100, they’ve globe-trotted across the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia, gracing premier festivals like Tomorrowland, Burning Man, Ultra Miami, and EDC Vegas.

A Brazilian powerhouse, Felguk reigns supreme on the home front too, headlining renowned venues including Rock In Rio, TML Brazil, Ultra Brazil, and more. They even opened Madonna’s MDNA tour in Brazil’s packed stadiums. With an extensive repertoire of 100+ tracks, Felguk’s talents shine through official remixes for stars like David Guetta, Madonna, and The Chainsmokers, released via top labels like Universal, Spinnin Records, and Ministry Of Sound.

Advanced Sidechain Techniques for Club Music

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  • 6 Chapters
  • Subtitles : Spanish, English, German, French & Portuguese
  • 48 min
  • Audio: English
  • 4K Video
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