AFFKT Masterclass

Advanced Bass & Kick Control

Unleash your bass mastery with AFFKT, the renowned mixing and mastering engineer, and elevate your melodic house & techno music production.

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Explore the art of bass and kick control in dance music with expert insights from AFFKT. Discover techniques for mixing drums, mastering low frequencies, and creating impactful sounds.

AFFKT Masterclass

Mastering Low Frequencies

Discover AFFKT's techniques for controlling low frequencies in house music, including tips on sidechain compression and EQ settings for bass and sub bass frequencies.

Creating Impactful Bass and Kick Drum Sounds

Learn how to craft powerful bass and kick drum sounds with AFFKT's expert guidance, exploring techniques such as layering kicks and using fade-in features.

Achieving Balanced Mixes

Gain insights into achieving balanced mixes in melodic house & techno music production, with AFFKT's tips on using plugins, managing stereo image, and creating space for multiple bass elements.

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What will I learn?

01. Equipment & Environment

In this chapter of the Advanced Bass & Kick Control masterclass with AFFKT, you will gain valuable insights and skills in mixing drums for melodic house & techno music. AFFKT, a renowned mixing and mastering engineer, shares his tips and tricks for controlling low frequencies and creating impactful bass and kick drum sounds. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the difference between mono and stereo when mixing club music, and provides techniques for avoiding sub frequencies in the side. Additionally, he highlights the significance of acoustical treatment in the studio and recommends using headphones for accurate sound representation. Don’t miss out on this captivating chapter filled with practical advice from AFFKT’s own experiences.

02. The Kick

In this chapter we dive into the importance of the kick drum in dance music. We explore the concept of mixing low frequencies and how it can make a difference in the overall sound. You will also learn about the use of sidechain compression and EQ settings for bass and sub bass frequencies. Additionally, you will discover helpful tips and tricks for working with kicks, such as using Ableton’s fade-in feature and layering kicks to create a powerful sound. Throughout the chapter, AFFKT emphasizes the need for a good listening environment to achieve the best results.

03. The Bass

In this chapter AFFKT discusses the importance of mixing drums and provides valuable insights on techniques such as sidechain compression and EQ settings for bass. He demonstrates how to use the Drum Bass tool from Ableton to add sub and mid frequencies to the bass, as well as distortion and drive. AFFKT also emphasizes the benefits of recording the bass in audio to better understand its relationship with the kick and avoid cancellation issues. By using plugins like soothe and the Chandler Limited Zener Limiter, he shows how to create space for the kick and manipulate the stereo image of the bass. Overall, this chapter offers practical tips and techniques for achieving a balanced and impactful mix in melodic house & techno production.

04. Shaping & Routing Bass Frequencies

In this chapter AFFKT explains how to effectively mix drums in melodic house & techno music. He demonstrates the use of sidechain compression to create space for multiple bass elements in the mix. AFFKT also shares his EQ settings for bass and sub bass frequencies, emphasizing the importance of finding the right balance between cleaning up the mix and preserving the groove. He discusses the use of parallel distortion channels to add harmonics and personalization to bass tracks. Overall, this chapter provides valuable insights and techniques for achieving a clean and dynamic mix.

05. Mixdown & Master Tools

In this chapter of the Advanced Bass & Kick Control masterclass, AFFKT dives into the crucial aspects of mixdown and mastering. He shares valuable insights on how to clean up the bass frequencies and achieve a powerful kick and bass in a track. AFFKT demonstrates the use of tools like FabFilter and Waves plugins to cut frequencies in the side and mid channels, as well as add compression and attack to enhance the mix. He also emphasizes the importance of test mastering and exporting the track with linear phase settings for optimal quality. Gain valuable skills and control your low frequencies with these expert tips and tricks.

Your instructor: AFFKT

Hailing from the Spanish mainland is a sound that’s resonating globally thanks to a choice select of tastemakers that are driving through the boundaries set out by their mediums. A notable character from that sub-culture of game-changers is Marc Martinez Nadal, aka AFFKT, who has been a driving force behind a colorful & empowering sound that is refined by his drive for perfection.

Having worked on coining the sound of this alias since 2008, it has been a plethora of sound, place, person & culture that has provided a platform for AFFKT to experiment with his output. Serving electronica crossover masterpieces that delve into the many sub-genre’s of house music via key imprints such as Suara, and his very own Sincopat label, and expressing versatility digging deep into his influences of the local by delivering heart-stopping, engaging techno on the likes of Kling Klong & Noir Music, AFFKT has committed to a life of synthesis and this is what sets himself apart from a comparatively shallow glance at dance music.

Once described as a “Son Of A Thousand Sounds”, AFFKT has evolved to a career peak where he has surpassed expectation and enjoyed praise from his peers. Cutting through the ranks, his path has retained an essence of so many that have influenced him, he now sits shoulder to shoulder in skill & presence.

Advanced Bass & Kick Control

Masterclass details:
  • 5 Chapters
  • Subtitles : English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French & German
  • 1h
  • Audio: English
  • 4K Video
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