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Alternative Auto-Tune Techniques for Hip-Hop

Che Pope shows different ways to use Auto-Tune to make your music stand out

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Discover the versatility of Auto-Tune for drums, samples and songwriting

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What will I learn?

01. Introduction

Che Pope talks about how he’s using Auto-Tune and chronicles how he went from primarily using it for vocals to starting experimenting with it for tuning drums and samples, and why he thinks it’s such a fantastic tool for producers today.

02. Auto-Tune for Drums

Che goes into using Auto-Tune for tuning drums and chopped drum samples from his MPC-3000. He shows his go-to cheat code to make tracks more cohesive and how to make sure everything fits harmoniously together.

03. Auto-Tune for Samples

In this chapter, Che shows from scratch how he approaches manipulating a sample and then incorporating Auto-Tune to build out the track and make it brand new. He shows a sample he’s manipulating several ways, and how he implements Auto-Tune to take control of it.

04. Auto-Tune for Songwriting

In this chapter, Che talks about using Auto-Tune for vocals, but not as most will know it: discover how it can be used as a melodic tool to experiment with phrasing and key structure.

Che Pope

Legendary productions

He’s collaborated with legendary artists including Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Carlos Santana, Destiny’s Child, Lauryn Hill, Dr. Dre, The Weeknd, Diddy, Kanye West, Hans Zimmer and many more, in a career spanning 25+ years.

Grammy-winning sounds

He’s the co-producer behind Lauryn Hill’s Grammy-winning album ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’, the producer behind Grammy-nominated ‘Bound 2’ and ‘All Day’ by Kanye West, as well as The Weeknd’s ‘Beauty Behind the Madness’.

An industry leader

Having honed his skill as a master collaborator, Che segued into leadership roles within the executive side of the business, working in multiple executive leadership capacities. Most recently, Che co-founded WRKSHP with billionaire business mogul Dan Gilbert.

Alternative Auto-Tune Techniques for Hip-Hop

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  • 4 Chapters
  • Subtitles : Spanish, English, German, French & Portuguese
  • 23 minutes
  • English
  • 4K Video
  • Logic Pro
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