Behind the Analog Mastering with Robert Babicz

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Learn analog mastering techniques with Robert Babicz inside his RB Mastering Studio

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What will you learn?

01. Philosophy of Work and Experience
02. Robert Babicz’s Mastering Set Up
03. How to Send Your Track for Mastering
04. Before Mastering
05. Mastering Chain
06. Selecting a Pre Amp
07. Equalization & Music Analysis
08. Compression Techniques
09. Conclusion

Robert Babicz

Robert Babicz is an international electronic music producer with more than 20 years of experience. What maybe not everyone knows is that he’s also a respected mastering engineer and the owner of RB mastering studio in Cologne.

In this masterclass Robert shares secrets of his particular creative mastering sound. These techniques are based on some non traditional methods and years of experience. You don’t have any mastering equipment? Don’t worry, these are techniques you can also practice just with your favorite plugins and analog emulations.

Behind the analog mastering with Robert Babicz


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Become a Connect Member
Flexible payments available
Become a Connect Member
Flexible payments available