Albert Neve, one of the most representative producers and DJs of EDM at an international level, opens the doors to his private studio to teach you the production and mixing techniques that have led him to work with artists of the caliber of David Guetta, Martin Garrix and Tiësto, and perform at festivals like Tomorrowland, EDC, and Ultra.



The producer of the #1 numbers “Superstar” and “No Matter What”, has concentrated over 20 years of knowledge in this Masterclass.

During the next 8 hours, you will discover all his music production techniques.

You will learn how to design your own sound, how to structure tracks and how to achieve the perfect mix.

To create viral tracks that will boost your career as a producer, following the blueprint of the greatest international artists.

In addition, Albert Neve will show you the projects with all the original tracks of his 3 most famous hits, produced with Logic Pro X:

  • PLAY HARD (Remix for David Guetta)
  • INTERSTELLAR (His most personal track)
  • SUPERSTAR (Released in Don Diablo’s Hexagon label)

Through their analysis, you will discover the elements that make up a mainstream track and you will understand how to replicate them in your own productions.

“If you have a passion for music and you are willing to put in the work and the long hours, I assure you that there is a place for you in this industry”

Albert Neve

What do you get?







LENGHT 8h 26m


Access to the lessons:



01. My Career

02. My Studio

Production Techniques

03. Voices Treatment

04. Kick Treatment

05. Arrangement

06. Building a Break

07. Building a Drop

08. Building a Break II

09. Mixing Techniques (Channels)

10. Mixing Techniques (Groups)

11. How to Make your Sounds Fatter

Track Review

12. Track Review: Playhard (by David Guetta)

13. Track Review: Interstellar

14. Track Review: Superstar (16M+ Spotify Streams)

Mentoring and Conclusions

15. Tips for New Producers

Logic Pro X Advanced Techniques

16. Introduction to Logic Pro

17. Screen Sets

18. Templates

19. Master Channel Presets

20. Quick Sampler

21. Key Commands

22. Automation

23. Track Stack and Folders

24. Version of Projects

25. Organization and Plugins

26. Color Coding and Channel Organization

27. Logic Pro Tips

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