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Student feedback

“My production skills have increased so much I cannot wait to put everything into practice.”
Darío Iruegas Florido
Certified student
“True revelations and a whole new way of approaching production. A life changer, no more, no less.”
Ivan Bielefeldt
Certified student
“I loved the live sessions and the amount of care the teachers had for us, especially the help I got as a beginner.”
Chloe Ioannidou
Certified student

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Your Bootcamp includes 1 year’s Connect Membership: unlock over 600 Masterclass chapters, premium software and plugins worth over $1200, and exclusive webinars to connect with experts and artists

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Learn with Tim Penner and Xavier Paradís, producers with extensive experience in music production.

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Access over $1200 in software, 600 Masterclass chapters, and access to Connect Sessions.

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We have created an exclusive community for you: a space for Bootcamp members where you can connect with instructors and other artists, and rewatch your classes as many times as you need. Use it to ask questions, express your ideas, show your music, share your experience and learn from others.

What will you learn?

Bootcamp introduction, Ableton environment overview, and plugin partnership overview and setup. Song analysis and listening exercise: what can you learn about your favorite music? Learn how to listen actively and use the tools the way they were designed.

Instructor: Tim Penner and Xavier Paradis

Date: November 19th

Creating a direction: where should the energy go? Students will receive a drum stem to write a bass line with.

Arrangement: Adding the Rhythm Section High-end energy, percussion, timbre, pitch, loudness.Tweaking rhythms: experiment, beat repeat, arpeggiator, warping audio, simpler, sampling, loops.

Instructor: Tim Penner 

Date: November 20th

We’ll explore subtractive synthesis, FM, Wavetable, sample-based, and classic vintage synthesizers, as well as sound design. Drum machines Take a deeper look at classic vintage drum machines, and more on using Drum Rack.

Instructor: Xavier Paradis 

Date: November 26th

Song arc: phrasing, spacing, the importance of silence, phrasing, structural elements: (intro, verse, chorus, bridge, outro).

Melody: motifs, antecedent & consequent (question/answer), dissonance & resolve, cadencing, phrasing.

Harmony: Circle of fifths, functional harmony, scales, chords, mode.

Instructor: Xavier Paradis 

Date: November 27th

This day we’ll dive into risers, we’ll look at material from the Bootcamp students and will cover stereo spectrum and frequency spectrum, as well as resampling, routing, EFX and automation.

Instructor: Tim Penner

Date: December 3th

We’ll look at Groups, EQing and control, levels, AB Comparisons, Group Bus, Compression..

Instructor: Tim Penner

Date: December 4th

Final stage and reimagining point, and mixing and mastering checklist.

Instructor: Xavier Paradis

Date: December 10th

How to know when your track is finished, wrap, next steps, finding a label, distribution, branding and social media

Instructor: Tim Penner & Xavier Paradis

Date: December 11th

How does it work?

Connect to the scheduled Bootcamp sessions to learn with your instructors, work on your track, ask questions and get feedback in real time. Use the Bootcamp space to connect with your instructors and the other producers in the Bootcamp, share music, and leave your homework.

This Bootcamp runs Saturdays and Sundays over 4 consecutive weekends, from November 19th – December 11th, 2022. Each session is 3 hours long and starts at 18:00 CET/12:00 EDT/09:00 PDT.
November 19th, 20th, 26th, 27th,
December 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th.
This Bootcamp is ideal for beginners and intermediate music producers that know their way around Ableton Live.
Just a computer and headphones. This Bootcamp includes 1 year’s Connect membership, with all the tools needed to create professional music: Ableton Live 11 Intro DAW, a growing bundle of premium software and plugins, access to hundreds of Music Masterclass chapters, and Connect Sessions.

Your instructors

Tim Penner

DJ & producer

Fueled by his passion for music coupled with his diverse experience, Tim Penner teaches his students how to build music with innovation and creativity. Tim is a reputable producer, artist, and DJ who’s been involved in nearly every aspect of the digital music industry over the past 20 years.

Xavier Paradis

Composer & Sound Designer

Xavier Paradis is a multi-faceted music producer and composer with both the passion and technical know-how to help his students reach their full potential. He has collaborated with a diverse array of artists, composed for video games and film, and released music in a wide variety of styles.

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