Composition & electronic music production with Uner

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Learn the techniques Uner used to produce tracks for labels like Dynamic, Cadenza, Cocoon, Toolroom, Suara or Solar Distance

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What will you learn?

01. Introduction: career & philosophy of work
02. Studio setup
03. Software setup
04. Tech-House & Techno components
05. Sound libraries & samples
06. Maths in music production
07. Harmony
08. Harmony tools
09. Mixing techniques
10. Jam session setup
11. How was made: Uner – Pallene (Cadenza)
12. Future sound of Uner


UNER is one of the most important names of the new generation of DJs and producers. His background in production as well as being a classically trained musician, allowed him to develop a wide variety of music techniques.

In this masterclass you’ll be able to learn electronic music production inside UNER’s private studio. It is an online class as a very complete guide to know how UNER uses Ableton Live, harmony, mixing techniques, arrangement patterns, plugins, samples, song structures, in general terms how he develops an idea.

Composition & electronic music production with Uner


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