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Creating Width & Depth with Percussion

Learn layering, panning, and EQ techniques to ensure you’re maximizing your percussive elements

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How to use hats, shakers, claps, congas, accents, and flair to take your song to the next level

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What will I learn?

01. Introduction to Percussion

An introduction about percussion and the techniques used by music producers to create appealing movement.

02. Hats, Claps, and Shakers

As the cornerstone of any good dance track, we will look at how to create moving, fluid top percussion.

03. Conga Drums

Congas can add a beautiful natural flow to your dance music, but there needs to be care and consideration put on the placement of each sound.

04. Accents and Flair

Adding subtle percussive elements will make your song more interesting and fill space without being overwhelming.

Tim Penner

Emblematic producer

Tim Penner is a reputable artist who has been involved in nearly every aspect of the digital music industry over the past 20 years. He’s written music for film and television, the gaming industry and large public events, and collaborated with well recognised labels such as JOOF, Cycles, Sudbeat, Black Hole, Proton Music, along with his own Slideways Music.

Ever-evolving performer

His debut album, ‘Radio Silence’ sat at #1 on Beatport across all genres. It was also selected for MixMag Magazine’s album of the month accolade. His live performances have seen him behind the decks at a plethora of clubs, events and festivals across both North and South America, Australia, and continental Europe.

Your Aulart instructor

Tim’s passion has led him to share his experience with others as a teacher and instructor across a range of Electronic Music subjects. Fueled by his passion for music coupled with his diverse experience, Tim teaches his students how to build music with innovation and creativity, and strives to create an environment where vulnerability is possible.

Creating Width & Depth with Percussion

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