Develop your music career by learning from the music production and business experience of one of the world’s leading producers and DJs


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Music production techniques and worfklow tips such as dealing with vocal demos. An insight of the music business from the producer’s perspective. Organize your edits and mashups for live shows.


Have direct access to his production set up and to some of his most popular track projects. Follow every step and decision he takes producing from scratch and then dealing with the tracks.


Improve your tracks and develop a plan to promote them. Find out how to sign to a label, prepare your shows, organize your team and useful information you need to know about the music industry.


Danny Avila is currently one of the most important music producers and DJs in the scene. In spite of his youth, Danny has already built up more than 10 years of experience and a solid career, having even achieved the 38th position of the top 100 DJs by DjMag.

To this day, Danny has already released lots of tracks through many labels including his own NUMB3RS, as well as Sony Music, Spinnin’, Musical Freedom, Smash The House, Hexagon and Ultra Music. He has also filled festivals around the world such as Tomorrowland, Neversea, Airbeat One or Untold Festival, and has secured his own residencies in Asia, Las Vegas or Ibiza.






25 Chapters – 4h 37m Length


01 – My Career

02 – My Studio

03 – Hardware Set Up

04 – My DAW

05 – Essential Plugins

06 – Receiving Vocal Demos

07 – Tips to Work with Vocal Demos and Ideas

08 – Working with Vocal Demos

09 – Developing a Break from Vocal Chops

10 – Kick and Bass

11 – Adding Details and Background Sounds

12 – Processing Drums

13 – Create an Idea from Scratch

14 – Edits and Mashups

15 – Progression of “Bleeding Love” in Versions

16 – Track Review: “The Unknown”

17 – Track Review: “My Blood”

18 – Signing to a Label

19 – Choosing your Team

20 – My Current Team

21 – Politics of the Music Industry

22 – Tips to Submit your Promo Track

23 – Preparing a Show

24 – Promoting and Marketing

25 – Career Horizons: Present and Future