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Learn music production & business with one of the world’s leading producers and DJs

Danny Avila Masterclass


Music production techniques and worfklow tips such as dealing with vocal demos. An insight of the music business from the producer’s perspective. Organize your edits and mashups for live shows.


Have direct access to his production set up and to some of his most popular track projects. Follow every step and decision he takes producing from scratch and then dealing with the tracks.


Improve your tracks and develop a plan to promote them. Find out how to sign to a label, prepare your shows, organize your team and useful information you need to know about the music industry.

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What will I learn?

01. Danny Avila's career

Listen to Danny Avila’s story told by himself, how he started and his career developed.

02. My Studio

Danny welcomes you to his personal studio in Madrid.

03. Hardware Set Up

Discover Danny Avila´s Setup, and how the different elements are connected.

04. My DAW

Danny explains why he uses Logic 10 and some of the features he uses the most in this DAW.

05. Essential Plugins

Discover the essential plugins Danny uses in his productions to achieve his sound for vocals and other instruments.

06. Receiving Vocal Demos

Danny explains how he manages the process of getting vocal stems to use in his tracks.

07. Tips to work with vocal demos and ideas

In this chapter Danny gives us tips for submitting demos, ideas, and sketches to work with other collaborators.

08. Working with vocal demos

Danny shows you how he starts being creative with vocals once he has received them and how he experiments with them.

09. Developing a break from vocal chops

Discover how Danny works on vocal chops and the process he goes through to edit them.

10. Kick and bass

Danny explains how he works with the kick, the bass and the sub-bass, to make them fit into the mix of the tracks.

11. Adding details and background sounds

Learn to add atmospheric, ambient sounds that will make your tracks sound fuller.

12. Processing drums

Danny shows you the whole drums section of one of his original tracks and explains how it is processed to sound punchy and powerful.

13. Create an Idea from Scratch

Watch how Danny creates a track from scratch with nothing previously planned, to see what resources he uses to get inspired and have it started.

14. Edits and mashups

Danny explains how he works on his music library used in his shows to create original edits and mashups.

15. Progression of “Bleeding Love” in Versions

Danny goes through all the different versions a song can have during its creation process with the example of his song Bleeding Love.

16. Track review: The Unknown

Danny shows you the original project of his track “The Unknown” published by the Hexagon label, and explains how he did it.

17. Track review: My blood

Danny shows you the original project of his track “My Blood” published by the Hexagon label, and explains how he did it.

18. Signing to a label

Listen to Danny’s view of the current situation about what it takes to have tracks released by a label and his advice to do so.

19. Choosing your team

Danny shares his experience with his own team and gives advice to other artists about choosing theirs.

20. My current team

Learn about what the booking team and the management team are responsible for, and how to work with them.

21. Politics of the music industry

Danny shares his experience on the long way it takes to work with people that are at the top of the industry.

22. Tips to submit your promo track

In this chapter, Danny gives us some tips on how to submit your tracks to record labels.

23. Preparing a show

Find out what Danny’s secret is to getting such incredible live shows.

24. Promotion and marketing

Listen to some tips Danny Avila gives you about the process of promoting new tracks.

25. Career horizons: Present and future

Danny looks back at what it has been and at what he envisions will be the continuation of his career.

Danny Avila

Danny Avila is currently one of the most important music producers and DJs in the scene. In spite of his youth, Danny has already built up more than 10 years of experience and a solid career, having even achieved the 38th position of the top 100 DJs by DjMag.

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