Andrés Campo Masterclass

DJ & Production Techniques for Techno with Andrés Campo

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Boost your career with‍ the DJ from elrow & Florida 135

Andrés Campo Masterclass

For DJs and Producers

Access over 6 hours of content to discover his career secrets, and learn how to create and promote your own brand.

Dive deep into his projects

Get your hands on the original projects from his most populars tracks, including the official remix of “Mitad y Mitad” by Kase.O.

Download his Ableton project

Download the Ableton project of his track ‘Complicated’ and use his tricks to discover your own sound.

Watch him work in the studio

Follow his production techniques in the studio, learning the plugins and templates he uses.

Prepare your DJ set

Learn how he prepares his music, playlists, cues and tags, taking advantage of the key features of the Pioneer DJ Rekordbox.

Improve your DJ skills

Improve your mixing techniques with Pioneer CDJs and discover all the secrets from the resident DJ at elrow and Florida 135.

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Ableton Project
Download Andrés Campo’s Ableton project for his track ‘Complicated’ and delve into his creative process. Explore the provided resources, uncover the secrets of his production, and use this invaluable tool to inspire and discover your own distinctive sound in the realm of electronic music.
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What will I learn?

Professional Career (12 chapters)

01. My Career
02. Setting your Goals
03. Becoming a Professional
04. Becoming International
05. Booking Agency
06. Hospitality Rider
07. Management
08. Public Relations
09. Resident DJ
10. Warm up
11. Closing
12. Artist Relationship

Creating your Brand (9 chapters)

13. Create your Brand
14. Social Media
15. Promotion Tools
16. Building a Label
17. Sound Identity
18. Working with Your Team
19. Artist Relationship: New Artists
20. Tips to Submit your Demos
21. Label Finances

Production Techniques (11 chapters)

22. My Studio
23. Hardware Setup
24. Ableton Live: Plugins
25. Ableton Workflow Template
26. Creating a Track from Scratch
27. Track Review: Complicated
28. Track Review: Mitad y Mitad
29. Track Review: Too Late
30. Reference Tracks
31. Outsourcing Mastering Services
32. Sound Libraries

DJ Techniques (25 chapters)

33. Intro for DJs
34. Music Portals
35. Demos
36. Rekordbox: Importing Music
37. Rekordbox: Grid
38. Rekordbox: Tags, Rating and Comments
39. Rekordbox: Cue Points and Hot Cues
40. Rekordbox: Audio Tools
41. Rekordbox: Playlist
42. Rekordbox: Playlist for Your DJ Set
43. Rekordbox: Exporting Music
44. USB Hard Drive
45. Mixer
46. FX
47. CDJs
48. Recorders
49. CDJ Link Synch
50. Headphones
51. Ear Protection
52. Mixing and EQ
53. Loops and Hot Cues
54. Using FX to Create Tension
55. Vocal Acapellas
56. Finishing a Set
57. General Tips

Andrés Campo

Established as one of the most respected Spanish DJs and producers on the Techno scene, Andrés Campo began his career in his hometown Huesca and quickly gained recognition. His residency at Florida 135 and elrow, along with many international shows, have led him to sign with labels such as Intec (by Carl Cox) and Second State (by Pan-Pot), and most recently launching his EI8HT label with his close friend Eats Everything.

As well as his undoubted brilliance as a music producer and DJ, Andrés Campo is an engaging, amusing, open-hearted character who always connects with his crowd. Through his music, he evokes his fan’s love, affection and endless appreciation… though if anyone’s thinking of inviting him for dinner or a beer, make sure it’s gluten-free. Forever drawing larger and larger crowds on the dance floor, his multitude of followers are growing in size and support.

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