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Introduction to Music Production: Merging Classical and Electronic

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Gain a whole new perspective on composing and arranging your tracks, and broaden your horizons thanks to the possibilities of electronic music production

Francesco Tristano Masterclass

Go from classical to electronic

Discover new ways for the piano to speak by breaking down the boundaries between the classical and electronic worlds. Take a tour through the sonic possibilities of the instrument and learn new ways to express, record and formulate your written ideas as he provides a whole new experimental perspective to his classical track ‘Ritornello’. Consider the piano as a synth, and come to understand how your music embraces the qualities and techniques of modern music.

Compose like a modern producer

Learn how to transfer all your musical ideas into data: discover how to approach your score using MIDI and the endless creative possibilities you have within your DAW. Follow his workflow to get the most from the electronic music production language, and use technology to improve your ideas – such as programming and arranging your notes, controlling timing and velocity, adjusting the tempo, giving your melodies the right groove, and automating sounds to make them more interesting.

Expand your sound

Transform the sound in any fashion and without any restrictions. Discover modern arrangement and composition techniques through sound design to bring more freedom and character to your music, and give your track its own identity – from looping, shifting and tweaking your sounds to creating abstract textures, and providing additional layers of depth with effects and plugins.

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Explore the hybrid language between the acoustic and electronic worlds and learn how to explore the creative possibilities within your DAW

Download Tristano´s stems and MIDI files and follow his creative process
Tradition and technology aren’t opposites; they go hand in hand. You don’t just need to settle for the classical sound, instead you can enhance your music with modern technology: watch how he brings new life to his composition Ritornello (from his new album On Early Music, released on Sony Classical), and follow every step he takes to give the score another form – from classical music to the electronic world. You’ll be able to download the 12 stems and 4 MIDI files from the track he creates, and experiment with them. Once you have your musical ideas transformed into MIDI, then anything is possible. You’ll discover your DAW is a door opener: take your classical background to new horizons, get into electronic music production and revolutionize the way you make music with Francesco Tristano.
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What will I learn?

MODULE 01. Early Life

01. Early Life

In this chapter, you’ll learn about the early life of Francesco Tristano, including his introduction to music at a young age. Tristano’s unique approach to blending classical and electronic music will be highlighted, and you’ll gain insights into his creative process and techniques for producing music.

MODULE 02. Piano Techniques

02. Piano: the Instrument of the Future

In this chapter, you’ll explore Francesco Tristano’s deep connection to the grand piano and his innovative approach to playing it. Whether you’re an experienced pianist or just starting out, you’ll leave this chapter with a renewed appreciation for the timeless beauty and modern versatility of the piano

03. Modern Compositional Techniques for the Piano

Francesco Tristano delves into his deep understanding of the piano as an instrument and shares his insights into the art of composing for it. Tristano’s innovative approach to piano composition by using it more than just a singular instrument is explored in detail, highlighting techniques such as pedaling, sampling, looping, and improvisation that allow for dynamic and textured compositions

MODULE 03. Inside your DAW

04. Introduction to DAWs

In this chapter of the masterclass, you’ll discover the power and importance of Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) in modern music production, as explained by Francesco Tristano. Tristano shares his insights into how DAWs have revolutionized the way music is created and recorded, and how they have become an indispensable tool for musicians and producers at any level.

05. From Score to MIDI

In this chapter of the masterclass, Francesco Tristano guides you through his process of writing a score and transforming it into MIDI in Ableton Live. Tristano shares his insights into the benefits and limitations of this technique, and provides practical tips and tricks for achieving the best possible results.

06. Arrangement in Ableton

Francesco Tristano shares his expertise in arranging music using Ableton Live. He explains his creative process and provides practical tips for organizing and shaping musical ideas, from creating a basic structure to adding and manipulating individual elements. Whether you’re an experienced producer or just starting out, this chapter offers valuable insights into the art of arrangement and how to make the most of Ableton Live’s powerful features in your music production.

MODULE 04. Modern Arrangement & Composition Techniques

07. Modern Arrangement

You’ll discover more advanced techniques for arranging music in Ableton Live, with guidance from Francesco Tristano. Tristano provides practical tips and strategies for using the Arrangement View and live MIDI recording to create dynamic and engaging musical arrangements, along with techniques such as automation, arrangement markers, and creative use of MIDI controllers.

08. Modern Composition Techniques Through Sound Design

In this chapter of the masterclass, you’ll discover how to use sound design to create unique and innovative musical textures with guidance from Francesco Tristano. Tristano shares his insights and practical tips on techniques such as synthesis, sampling, and processing, and how to incorporate them into modern music composition.

09. From MIDI to Score with Logic Pro

In this chapter of the masterclass, you’ll learn how to turn MIDI data into a score using Logic Pro, with guidance from Francesco Tristano. Tristano shares his process for creating polished scores from MIDI tracks, and provides practical tips on how to edit, arrange, and notate your music using Logic’s powerful tools. Whether you’re a composer, arranger, or simply interested in the technical aspects of music production, this chapter offers valuable insights into the creative potential of Logic Pro for turning MIDI data into a fully notated score.

MODULE 05. Live Setup

10. Live Setup

You’ll get an inside look into Francesco Tristano’s live setup, featuring a combination of the piano, Moog Voyager, and Yamaha Montage 6. Tristano shares his insights and techniques for blending these instruments together to create dynamic and engaging live performances..

Francesco Tristano

Francesco Tristano is well recognized for his experimental compositions as well as his exceptional piano playing skills. Having collaborated with artists like Carl Craig and Murcof, not to mention his substantial experience with classical music from a young age, Francesco has since established himself a significant player within the modern electronic music scene.

A combination of both piano and synthesizer, Francesco never fails to fully utilize the latest production and sequencing tools in order to achieve great results. He sees ‘music as music’ and relentlessly pursues the familiar energy between the classical and modern styles. Alongside with his career in electronic music, he has simultaneously continued to grow as a classical pianist and continues to expand, driven by his genuine open-minded attitude and his increasing knowledge of techno.

“Music is music” – Francesco Tristano has endorsed this quote over the last decade with his work. Constantly continuing to combine the piano and synthesizer, he forges ahead with a firm handle on the classical concepts coupled with his passion for modern electronic music.

Give life to all your musical ideas

Revolutionize the way you make music with Francesco Tristano
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Francesco Tristano
Introduction to music production: Merging classical and electronic
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