Entrepreneurship and marketing in Pro Audio with Sharooz Raoofi

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Learn how to devise and market your own creative ideas with the founder of Sample Magic and Audiaire

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Sharooz Raoofi Masterclass

Turn your ideas into a tangible business

Guide your creative potential into a real, revenue generating business: from building a brand, start-up to scale-up, organic growth to original ideas. Learn from firsthand entrepreneurship experience in the music business and turn your creative spark into a successful brand.

Build and scale your brand

Discover the real world day-to-day of running a brand, and the commonalities of how to generate income and scale any creative business in pro audio: including royalties, licensing, marketing and promotion strategies. Apply firsthand lessons from practical experience gained building Sample Magic, Attack Magazine and Audiaire.

Make sellable sample packs

Sample Magic forged a unique standard in sound design: discover his approach to building and promoting sample libraries and VST plugins. Learn how to make your sample packs sellable with key tips to truly stand out: from forging to formatting, editing, categorizing and everything in between.

What will you learn?


01. Early Career
02. Becoming a Professional
03. The Beginnings of an Entrepreneur


04. Founding Sample Magic
05. Building a Brand
06. Scaling and Growth
07. Distributorship
08. Royalties & Licensing
09. Marketing Sample Libraries
10. Other Sample Magic Ventures


11. Creating Plugins
12. Scaling Audiaire
13. Founding Attack Magazine
14. Growing Attack Magazine


15. What Makes a Good Sample
16. Pack The Concepts Behind a Sample Pack


17. Creating Samples from Scratch
18. Mixing and Finalizing Samples and Loops
19. Organizing and Categorizing Sample Packs

Sharooz Raoofi

Sharooz Raoofi is an artist, producer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of ventures including Sample Magic, Attack Magazine, Audiaire and Principle Pleasure studios.

Often referenced as the originator of modern sample pack production, he pioneered the market for downloadable sounds with Sounds to Sample, subsequently acquired by Beatport, and Sample Magic, acquired by Splice. He has also worked as a sound designer for brands including Roland, Korg, Apple, Steinberg and Arturia. As founder of Audiaire, he has created many software VSTs including the Zone and Astra synths; Audiaire was acquired in February 2021 by Splice.

Under the alias Principleasure, his debut LP was Mixmag’s Electro album of the month, reaching number 1 on Bandcamp’s Electronica chart. As a writer, his works have appeared on major motion pictures, series and numerous television spots.

Make an investment in your artist career


Turn your creative spark into a successful brand with Sharooz Raoofi

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