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Track Review: ‘Trouble Maker’

01. Intro

Hector Couto showcases his chart topping track ‘Trouble Maker’, which climbed to No.1 position on Beatport’s Top 100 chart. Discover the inspiration behind the track and how it came to be.

02. Kick & Clap

Hector goes into how he chose and created his kick and clap, showing the process with and without effects, how he uses Valhalla Vintage Verb for claps, and a bit of Ableton Push.

03. Groove Elements

Hector goes through the elements of the track to add groove, explains the effects he puts on them, and explains the reasons he uses them, and how he works on the TR8.

04. Bass Process

In this chapter Hector shows his techniques on how he processes bass sounds recorded from hardware. He describes everything from essential EQing methods to intricate processing in order to change them into original sounding bass grooves.

05. Main Sample

Hector Couto shows the sample that inspired the track. He takes you step by step through his process from finding the sample to processing and making it an original piece. The end result becomes the driving force behind the track.

06. Vocals & FX

Using Ableton’s Simpler to chop up vocal samples Hector shows his process on how to randomly trigger vocal chops on Ableton’s push to comping them into the composition to create his signature sound.

07. Arrangement

Follow Hector step by step as he arranges DJ friendly tracks, discover the methods and techniques that kept ‘Trouble Maker’ at the top spot on Beatport for so long, and how he continues to keep his listeners engaged.

Creating Glitch Elements for Minimal / Deep-Tech

01. Sequencing and creating glitches for Minimal / Deep-Tech

In this chapter of the music production course, Hector Couto demonstrates how to create glitches for Minimal / Deep-Tech. He starts by opening a MIDI channel and using a MIDI sequencer plugin called MDDI. He then explains the different parts of the plugin, such as random notes, gates, and velocity. Couto emphasizes the importance of adding glitches for texture and a unique sound in this genre, but notes that it can be used in any other genre as well. Viewers can gain valuable insights and skills in creating minimal deep tech music like the pros.

02. Processing audio glitches

In this chapter of the music production course, Hector Couto shares his insights on how to make minimal deep tech music like the pros. He demonstrates his process of adding organic textures to audio to avoid repetition and create unique sounds. Couto introduces the Automation Audio Live plugin and explains how to map parameters to create dynamic effects. He also shares his techniques for using chorus, reverb, and other effects to achieve glitchy and character-filled sounds. By following his tips, viewers can learn to create captivating and dynamic tracks in the Deep / Minimal Tech House genre.

03. Finalizing audio glitches

In this chapter of the music production course, Hector Couto shares valuable insights on how to create glitch elements for Minimal / Deep-Tech music. He demonstrates the final processes to finish the glitch chain, including adding an equalizer and using a sidechain plugin. Couto also introduces the Effectrix plugin for generating different glitches and creating new patterns. This creative process is not only easy but also effective for obtaining unique and characteristic sounds in the minimal deep tech genre. By following this technique, viewers can enhance their productions and create their own library of glitches.

Make organic Percussion for Minimal & Deep Tech​

01. Sequencing Percussion

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to generate intriguing percussion grooves with the help of Hector Couto showing you how to use Ableton Live’s Push MIDI controller in a creative way. You’ll also learn how to leverage the built-in velocity plugin within Ableton Live and how to add dynamic swing and groove to your percussion.

02. Audio Processing for Organic Percussion

In this chapter, you’ll discover how Hector mixes down his percussion sounds and develops the groove further. By utilizing a MIDI clip and integrating a full percussion loop into the sampler’s slice mode you will learn how to develop your idea further. He will also demonstrate his expertise in EQing to eliminate unwanted frequencies and showcase techniques such as distortion and reverb to process your percussion grooves.

Basslines for Minimal/Deep-Tech

01. Intro to MIDI Generators

Hector Couto gives an introduction to what a MIDI generator is, and explains why and how he uses them to create effective Minimal/Deep-Tech basslines.

02. Audiomodern’s Riffer

Hector gets into Audiomodern’s Riffer Plugin: what it is, and why and how he uses it for his basslines.

03. Sting! & AICD

Hector shows how he uses two free acid pattern generators from Max for Live, STING! and AICD. Learn how he uses these versatile gadgets to generate basslines.


Hector Couto Blundle

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