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How I made: Massive Attack – Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix)

Unleash your remixing potential with Gui Boratto, the master of transforming songs into sonic masterpieces. Join now and create your own unique sound.

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Explore the art of remixing with Gui Boratto as he shares his expertise in transforming songs, from vocals to drums, and creating a signature sound.

Gui Boratto Masterclass

Vocal Remixing

Gui Boratto demonstrates techniques such as de-maze, reverb, and micro-editing to transform vocals, emphasizing experimentation and the preservation of the original material's magic.

Percussion and Drum Remixing

Boratto shares techniques for combining organic percussion with industrial synthesizer sounds, creating impactful drum fills, and developing unique drum sounds.

Bass and Harmony Remixing

Boratto explores the importance of adding a real electric bass, creating different harmonies, and combining organic and synthetic bass elements to achieve a balanced mix.

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What will I learn?

01. Approaching the remix

In this chapter, Gui Boratto shares his journey of remixing Massive Attack’s “Paradise Circus”. He discusses how he got requested to remix the song and the excitement he felt. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balance between preserving the original elements of the song and adding new elements to create a unique remix. Gui also provides valuable tips on understanding the song structure, analyzing individual stems, and listening to what the music needs during the remixing process. By following these insights, viewers can gain valuable skills in remixing songs and creating their own unique sound.

02. Vocal processing

In this chapter Gui starts with the vocals, demonstrating his secret techniques to achieve unique results. Boratto emphasizes the importance of experimenting and taking the time to explore different effects and presets to create unique and interesting sounds. He also advises against over-processing vocals that already sound good, as it can detract from the magic of the original material. Overall, this chapter provides valuable insights and skills for remixing songs and showcases Boratto’s creative approach to music production.

03. Percussion & drums

In this chapter, Gui discusses the importance of percussion and drums in remixing. He explains that when remixing a song, it’s common to focus on elements like the bassline, vocals, and guitar, rather than the original drums. Boratto shares his techniques for combining organic percussion with industrial synthesizer sounds, and emphasizes the importance of creating your own unique drum sounds. He also discusses the importance of silence and contrast in creating impactful drum fills. Overall, viewers can gain valuable insights into remixing techniques and creating their own signature drum sounds.

04. Bass

Gui Boratto explores the process of remixing Massive Attack’s “Paradise Circus”. He discusses the importance of adding a real electric bass and creating slightly different harmonies to enhance the track. Boratto shares his personal experience of using a bass loop to achieve the desired result quickly and efficiently. He also demonstrates how to combine organic and synthetic bass elements, emphasizing the significance of silence in creating a balanced mix. Throughout the chapter, Boratto highlights the importance of understanding different production techniques and experimenting with various recording methods.

05. Harmony

Gui Boratto takes us through the process of remixing Massive Attack’s “Paradise Circus” with his own unique touch. He starts by adding a piano and vibes to the original track, creating a different harmony for the break. Gui also shares his love for experimenting with different processes, including recording a real piano to add a dramatic element. He then adds a guitar element, showcasing his background in surf music. Throughout the chapter, Gui emphasizes the importance of simplifying moments and changing harmonies to create a unique sound. Overall, viewers can gain valuable insights and skills on how to remix a song and make it their own.

06. Arrangement

In this chapter, Gui Boratto takes us through the overall arrangement of his remix of Massive Attack’s “Paradise Circus.” He emphasizes the importance of using colors to visually represent different elements in the song, such as drums, pianos, bass, guitars, and vocals. Gui also discusses the benefits of organizing tracks into groups and shares insights on creating a DJ-friendly remix while still being enjoyable for all listeners. He showcases the use of feedback from a guitar to add tension and interest to the track. Overall, this chapter provides valuable insights into remixing a song and encourages experimentation and creativity in music production.

Your instructor: Gui Boratto

Gui Boratto is a pioneering force in Brazilian electronic music, with a wealth of experience and influence that has spread worldwide. As a multi-instrumentalist, producer and audio engineer, he brings a unique perspective to his masterclass that will inspire and challenge you.

With 5 full-length albums and collaborations with some of the biggest names in music, Gui Boratto’s expertise is unparalleled. In his masterclass, he shares his knowledge and techniques, providing you with the tools you need to take your music production to the next level.

Gui Boratto’s passion for nurturing up-and-coming talent extends beyond his music label D.O.C. As your masterclass instructor, he is dedicated to helping his students achieve their creative potential, providing a supportive and inspiring learning environment.

How I made: Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix)

Masterclass details:
  • 6 Chapters
  • Subtitles : English, Spanish, Portuguese, French & German
  • 1h
  • Audio: English
  • 4K
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