How to manage an electronic music station with Ibiza Global Radio

Learn the key tools of a leading radio in electronic music

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What will you learn?

01. Ibiza Global Radio’s History
02. The CEO’s point of view
03. From a Radio DJ to a club DJ
04. How to setup a live radio broadcast
05. How to play on Ibiza Global Radio
06. Creating a jingle
07. Radio marketing techniques
08. Low frequency radio emission
09. High frequency radio emission

Ibiza Global Radio

Ibiza global Radio is one of the most important electronic music radio stations in the world. Founded in 2004 in Ibiza, it is recognized for disseminating culture and electronic music.

This free masterclass is ideal for knowing the tools, techniques and concepts necessary to enter the world of online and offline broadcasting. You can learn the internal structure of a radio, the roles of the work profiles, differences between a club DJ and radio DJ and how to promote your music on radio stations.

How to manage an electronic music station with Ibiza Global Radio


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