Introduction to professional music production with Metrica

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What will you learn?

01. Metrica’s History
02. Hardware & Software
03. Ableton Live Introduction
04. Ableton Shortcuts
05. Ableton Link
06. Track from Scratch
07. Standard Backline
08. Amps Mithology
09. Mics Typology
10. Guitar Recording & Processing
11. General Sound Capture
12. Harmony for Dummies
13. Harmony for Dummies II
14. Spotify for Artists: Presentation
15. Spotify 1: How the Spotify’s algorithm works?
16. Spotify 2: Three ways of Spotify’s Machine Learning
17. Spotify 3: How does Spotify pay to the artists?
18. Spotify 4: Verify your Profile
19. Spotify 5: All you need to know about the Playlists
20. Spotify 6: Conclusions


Metrica is a recording studio in Ibiza with the latest production and recording technology, it also has professionals accredited with Ableton Certified Trainer and other experts with long experience in the industry.

This masterclass of more than 6 hours is ideal to know the tools, techniques and concepts necessary to enter the world of music production. You can discover programs such as Ableton Live, concepts of microphone, recording, music theory and promotional techniques for artists with Spotify.

Introduction to professional music production with Metrica


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