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My Dj Techniques

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Learn Paco Osuna's tips and techniques‍ in his first DJ class ever

Paco Osuna Masterclass

Discover his DJ Techniques

Expand your horizons in the use of hardware and software, preparation of the set up, mixing and structures, and other technical aspects.

Watch how he puts it into practice

Follow every step and decision he makes creating grooves, breaks, loops, or adding effects, with detailed explanations.

Become a professional DJ

Learn his philosophy and values as a professional and take a new perspective on what it means to be a DJ with your own sound.

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@simonsalazar99 Instagram comment
“A true experience to have seen so many tips, mixing techniques and to know more in depth his way of working”.
@jespiguerr Instagram comment
“I would buy it again and I recommend it without a doubt if you want to learn some tips and advice to DJ like he does”.

What will I learn?

01. My Career

Listen to Paco Osuna’s story told by himself, how he started and his career developed.

02. The Profession of a DJ

Understand what it means to be a DJ according to Paco Osuna, his philosophy and values ​​about this profession.

03. Hardware Set Up

Discover the Paco Osuna´s Setup, and how the different elements are connected.

04. Cue Set Up

Learn how Paco Osuna uses the Cues in his sessions.

05. Mixer

Discover how Paco Osuna uses the Mixer and how he gets the most out of the Model1.

06. FX Traktor

Discover the effects Paco uses in Traktor Pro, how they work and how he applies them.

07. FX Ableton

Find out what effects Paco uses in Ableton Live, how they work and how he applies them.

08. Combining Effects

See how he combines the effects of Traktor Pro and Ableton Live to be creative in his sessions.

09. Loops

Discover the use of the loops and how Paco edits and applies them with the Red Sound SoundBite.

10. Audio Routing & Link

Paco explains to us how he has the different hardware and software elements connected and synchronized in his setup. He also tells us about his automations to control the tempo.

11. Traktor

Learn to use the features that Paco Osuna uses in Traktor for his sessions.

12. Ableton Push For DJs

Discover Push’s role in Paco’s sessions, the sounds he uses and the automations he applies.

13. Midi Controllers

Watch closely as Paco creates intensities with all the elements of his Setup in action.

14. Building Breaks

Watch closely as Paco creates intensities with all the elements of his Setup in action.

15. My Mixing Techniques

Discover how Paco achieves his characteristic sound so clean and punchy when he mixes various tracks and sounds.

16. Creating the Grooves

Paco shows you how to keep the groove constant, switch tracks smoothly, and still add elements that keep the session alive.

17. Warm Up Concept

Paco explains what a good Warm Up is, how important it is for a DJ career, and how to do it.

18. B2B Tips

Paco explains how to organize a B2B effectively to avoid technical problems.

19. Session

Watch Paco closely how he applies everything he has explained during the Masterclass in a practical way.

20. Tips for New DJs

Listen to all the advice that Paco Osuna gives to new DJs who want to dedicate themselves professionally.

21. Mindshake Label

Understand how DJs and producers complement each other and the key to success in either profession.

Paco Osuna

Paco Osuna is one of the most renowned DJs and producers in the industry with more than 25 years of intense career creating and innovating. He is the founder of the Mindshake label and an ambassador for MODEL 1. He has worked with artists such as Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, Dubfire, Loco Dice or Seth Troxler.

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