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How I made: ‘Of Love and Loss’ ft Mønölitio

From sound design to mastering, see the production techniques that went into making the soaring vocal track

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See each building block that went into producing Principleasure’s ‘Of Love and Loss’

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What will I learn?

01. Introduction


02. Sound Design and Arrangement

Hear Principleasure talk about the key signatures, plugins, vocals used for ‘Of Love and Loss’.

03. Mixing

Learn about why Principleasure did the mixdown himself, and hear about the mix chain and the two plugins he used.

04. Bus Mixing & Mastering

Hear about Principleasure’s mixdown techniques, mixing and mastering as you go along, and mix chains.

Sharooz Raoofi

Visionary artist

Principleasure, aka Sharooz Raoofi, is a visionary artist and producer. Born to Iranian parents, he grew up in Belfast and currently resides Downtown Los Angeles. He draws influence from classic cinematic electronica meddled with unique modernist sound design, taking listeners through a beautiful world of soundscapes, genres and influences. .

Unique modernist sound design

Described as a “Menacing, enthralling debut”, Principleasure’s ‘I’ LP was Mixmag’s Electro album of the month, topping Bandcamp’s Electronica chart. His tracks have seen support from Dixon, Dave Clarke, Lane 8, BBC Radio 1, A-Trak and numerous others.

Backwards technologist

A self-styled “backward technologist” he has featured in Future Music magazine, FACT, T-Mobile’s Electronic Beats series, worked with Red Bull Music Academy and designed presets for Roland’s TR-8S and System-8 instruments. 2021 saw the release of a second album ‘II’ and a live set using solely hardware devices.

Principleasure Track Review: ‘Of Love and Loss’

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