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Subtractive Synthesis

Learn the fundamentals of one of the main types of synthesis by exploring Ableton Live’s Analog device

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Discover Analog’s main features, signal flow and modules to help you create certain types of sounds

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What will I learn?

01. Introduction

Introduction to the Subtractive Synthesis Masterclass.

02. Main Features

In this chapter, we’ll discuss the main principles of subtractive synthesis by examining Analog in terms of its signal flow and routing architecture.

03. Oscillators

In this chapter, you’ll learn about Analog’s three sound generators: Osc 1, Osc 2 and the noise generator.

04. Filters and Amplifiers

In this chapter, we’ll examine Analog’s filter and amplifier modules.

05. LFOs

In this chapter, you’ll learn about Analog’s main modulators, its two LFOs. We’ll examine how we can use them to modulate parameters in other modules to create more interesting sounds.

06. Global Controls

In this chapter, you’ll learn about Analog’s global controls. We’ll take a look at vibrato, glide, voice polyphony and other global functions.

07. Deconstructing Presets

In this chapter, you’ll learn about the main characteristics of different types of sound (basses, pads, leads, etc.) by deconstructing some presets.

08. Wrap up

Wrap up of the Subtractive Synthesis Masterclass.

Xavier Paradis

Multi-faceted producer

Xavier Paradis has over 10 years of experience in the music and entertainment industries as a recording and performing artist, producer, composer and sound designer. He’s worked in a variety of media including video games, advertising and film, and has collaborated with a diverse array of artists.

Experienced artist

Paradis has released music in a wide variety of styles including Ambient, Synth Pop, Nu Disco and Techno, is the co-founder of music groups Boreals and Tversky, and has performed in major international music festivals like Primavera Sound, Eurosonic, SXSW, and Fiesta des Suds.

Your Aulart instructor

Along with producing and composing, Paradis has also been teaching for over a decade – from teaching amateur musicians, producers and DJs, to teaching piano and music theory in Ableton Live and hosting Aulart Masterclasses and Bootcamps, he has the experience, passion and technical know-how to help his students reach their

Subtractive Synthesis

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