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As a music producer you go through different personal stages where motivation and creativity can sometimes be blocked. All artists go through them sooner or later: which also happened to the artist behind some of the greatest hits ever, the legendary Piano Man Scott Storch. In this article we want to help you find inspiration and motivation, learning from some of the best top quotes from Scott Storch’s first ever Masterclass.

Find your inspiration with the producer behind artists like Dr. Dre, Eminem, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, 50 Cent, The Game, Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Nas, Snoop Dogg, P!nk, Ja Rule.

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01. "I would prefer being a poor musician than a rich lawyer or doctor."

Since Scott was a teenager, he decided with all his heart that he would pursue a music career, took a brave decision and quit school to focus on practicing his keyboard and making beats.

Being an artist is about passion and the energy that drives you to keep pushing. Does it resonate with you? Then keep reading.

02. "You just have to keep going. Be persistent. I remember the squeaky wheel always gets oiled."

After being in many bands and touring for some time, he decided to take a different route. He stayed for long periods in his studio learning to produce tracks by himself, it took some time until he got his opportunity: he ended up collaborating in a Questlove’s song with singer Jill Scott, which ended up being a Grammy award-winning hit.

That was an unexpected turning point in his career that gave him the opportunity to be seen as a professional producer able to work with major artists. This was the result of a lot of hard work and persistence. He didn’t get discouraged during his training in his studio, and didn’t let others demoralize him.

It’s all about dedication and practice, not about luck.

03. "Some of the greatest songs that I've actually done in my career, I've done in less than 30 minutes."

In his exclusive Masterclass he explains that some of his top tracks and greatest hits were created amazingly quickly. Lean Back from Terror Squad, Fat Joe and Remy Ma was one of the tracks which came out fast: 30 minutes of work. Candy Shop from 50 Cent was made in less than an hour, and it was nominated for a Grammy.

It’s not that you must push yourself to always finish in such a short amount of time like this, but usually the more, the better. Make as many tracks as possible. You will get better results than spending hours, even months trying to finish your “perfect” song or mix. Your best track is always around the corner. 

04. "Now, with all this technology, everybody can make music."

In one chapter Scott says: “Even the tape costs within the budget for a major artist could exceed what the budget is for a whole project right now, just for the reel to reel tapes. I know you find that hard to believe, a major album could cost $100,000 worth of tape 20 years ago. 

And now, with all of this technology anybody can make music. Anybody can, you know, use chord generators or samples, things to fill the void of not having formal musical training with music theory.

Artists can find many reasons not to make music, or finish a track. Most of them are excuses, like getting a new expensive synthesizer or plugin. Again it’s all about making the effort to learn and putting the hours to practice and finish your tracks. 

Get inspired by one of the best producers in the industry


Watching himself become successful didn’t stop him from wanting to learn  more track after track, and from setting himself new goals, such as making unknown artists famous thanks to his productions, as is the case with Chris Brown.

We encourage you to keep learning with his first ever Masterclass, a unique opportunity to access the knowledge you can’t find anywhere else but from someone that has been producing Grammy award-winning hits for 30 years. As Scott himself says:

With this Masterclass I really want to uplift and inspire producers and musicians to give them some tips and inside stuff that, you know, can help them blossom into having an amazing career

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