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What is a LFO and how to use it

Do you recognize this vibrato? This effect has been created by an LFO and in this article you will see how. We will explain what a LFO is and will give you examples of how to use it with different synthesizers so you can eventually make it work in any.    What is a LFO? …

Top 5 mixing myths to avoid

Myth 1: Always cut EQ not boost The Myth: “boosting EQ adds noise” and  “boosts with digital EQs sound terrible” and also “boosting adds phase distortion”. Why it’s wrong: This was the top tip 20 years ago from internet experts, but cutting and boosting are functionally the same in terms of sound, phase, and noise.  …

Beginners Mixing Tips – Part I

If you have started mixing recently and you need new tips and ideas to improve how your music sounds and your workflow when mixing, this is the place for you to be!   Right or Wrong?   As in almost any discipline, one of the best ways to learn mixing music is to follow those …

What is Compression and How to Use it

Compression is one of the most important tools in audio and it is essential for creating high quality musical mixes. However, at the beginning it can be a bit difficult to understand what compression really does and its parameters can be quite confusing to be used, even when you have already a bit of experience with …

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