types of microphones

Types of Microphone

A microphone is a device created to record sound and convert it into an electrical signal. This signal is then processed by computers, amplifiers or


FREE Digital Audio WorkStations (DAWs)

Digital Audio Workstations, commonly referred to as DAWs, are software applications used for recording, editing, and producing digital audio. While there are many DAWs available

Mel Uye-Parker

Women in the Industry: Mel Uye-Parker

Mel Uye-Parker is a songwriter, vocalist and electronic music producer from Nottingham, however, she spent her formative years in Manchester where she studied music both

Learning Major Scales

A Major Scale is a musical scale that is used in many different genres of music, including classical, jazz, and pop. It is one of

soundproof studio

Soundproofing Low Frequencies

When it comes to soundproofing a studio, it is important to address both high and low frequencies to ensure optimal sound quality and reduce unwanted