Beatmaking & vocal production: from bedroom producer to top of the charts with WhyJay & LiTek

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Discover the keys to a hit and learn how to make your own killer beats with the UK based duo shaping the future of modern music

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Grasp the production techniques behind the tracks for top new artists like Aitch or ArrDee, and transform yourself into a hit maker

Make better beats

Learn from their practical, hands on techniques for creating tracks with groovy beats. Follow every step for building a beat and mixing all the elements together – like finding and establishing a good kick, layering claps, creating hi-hats, adding 808 bass, and using foley and human elements to really define your sound.

Get more from melodies & vocals

Bring your tracks to life with lively melodies and find the best ways to make the most out of your vocals. Discover how they twitch sounds to make them interesting and transform their tracks with the right production techniques – from sampling to comping, pitching, chopping, distorting or stacking vocals.

Watch them analyze their own tracks

Get inside their projects as they break down some of their hit-tracks for artists like ArrDee, Aitch or Pa Salieu. Get to know the successes of top UK chart tracks like Flowers (Say My Name), and discover the techniques behind their sound signature – including each element of their beats, the arrangement techniques, go-to plugins, effects, and the vocal chains they use.

What will you learn?

Early Career & Inspiration (3 capítulos)

01. Early Career
02. Inspiration
03. Our Signature Sound
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Making a Beat (6 capítulos)

04. Creating a Kick
05. Choosing the Right Snare
06. Finding a Hi-hat
07. Finding a Clap
08. Adding Percussion
09. 808’s and Bass
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Making Melodies (5 capítulos)

10. Making Melodies
11. VSTs and Plugins
12. Synthesis
13. Sampling
14. Vocal Chops
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Producing Vocals (4 capítulos)

15. Recording Vocals
16. Comping Vocals
17. Tuning Vocals
18. Building a Vibe in the Studio
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Track Reviews (3 capítulos)

19. Track Review: Flowers (Say My Name) – ArrDee
20. Track Review: Glidin’ – Pa Salieu ft. slowthai
21. Track Review: The New Effect Freestyle (Lynx Advert) – TNLE ft. Aitch
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WhyJay & LiTek

WhyJay, a platinum selling record producer, and LiTek, a prolific producer and music maker are two Manchester based artists who are rapidly emerging within the music industry and quickly establishing themselves at the forefront of hit making.

WhyJay has already been behind the success of Aitch’s biggest hits to date, including the number 2 hit ‘Taste (Make It Shake)’. With tracks which have peaked on the charts and attracted more than 6 million YouTube views, WhyJay is already well on the way to success. Having mastered different genres such as rap, UK Afrobeats, drill and pop, he’s on hand to take his work to the next level.

LiTek, originally from Russia although now based in Manchester, UK, has worked on numerous projects and has already had his first mainstream hit ‘Uber’ which quickly caught the attention of international artists. Following a successful run as a footballer, LiTek shifted his talents and focus towards music and has since delivered two hits which have found themselves within the UK top 40 charts.

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Transform yourself into a hit maker with WhyJay & LiTek

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