Fundamentals of electronic music: making a track from start to finish

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Aulart Originals Bootcamp

Join the Fundamentals of Electronic Music Bootcamp and get all the tools you need to produce music for a year.

Connect to your online sessions, enjoy an immersive experience with your instructors, and apply what you’re learning right away.

Online training

Connect to online scheduled sessions in real-time and enjoy a focused training experience to take your artist career to the next level.

Industry professionals

Learn hand in hand with your instructors Tim Penner, Spencer Ward and Xavier Paradís, industry professionals with a solid experience in music production.

Feedback & mentoring

Ask any questions, get direct answers and receive personal feedback and guidance to help you move forward.

Create a professional track

Create a full track from scratch applying the concepts from the Bootcamp. Learn by doing, and finish the Bootcamp with your own professional track.

Build a community

Network with other developing artists, share your experience, and receive an Aulart certificate that validates your training.

Tools & resources

You will be provided a license to 4 plugins from Izotope’s Elements Suite (with a value of over $200) so you can mix and master your tracks and follow your instructors’ steps.

Connect with a community of artists and producers like you, and grow further in your creative journey.

Ask questions, share your work and receive feedback.

We have created an exclusive community for you: a private space for Bootcamp members where you can connect with instructors and other artists, and rewatch your classes as many times as you need. Use it to ask questions, express your ideas, show your music, share your experience and learn from the experience of others. Connect with a community of artists and producers with shared interests, learn with them and move forward together.

What will you learn?


Day 1 – Intro – Why do you love that track?
What can you learn about your favorite music? Learn how to listen and use the tools the way they were designed.

Day 2 – Song Analysis (the building blocks of music)
Take tracks and start classifying parts of the music spectrum in the timeline. Rhythm, Harmony, Melody.

Day 3 – How to write your first line
Creating a direction: where should the energy go? Students will receive a drum stem to write a bass line with.

Day 4 – Adding the rhythm section (where does the kick land?)
High-end energy, percussion, timbre, pitch, loudness. Tweaking rhythms: experiment, beat repeat, arpeggiator, warping audio, simpler, sampling, loops.

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Day 5 – Chords
Tension, Release, and Expectation.

Day 6 – Melody
What makes a good melody? Motifs, octave changes and modulating the octave.

Day 7 – Song Arc
Phrasing, finding space and working within it, and understanding the structural elements.

Day 8 – Ornaments
Ostinato, Glissando, Slurs.

Day 9 – Intro / Outro / Transitions
Song transitions. Presenting the students ideas.

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Day 10 – Adding depth & maintaining clarity
Mix while you produce. Avoiding and using phasing & masking.

Day 11 – EFX 1 + Automation
EQ, Reverb, Rendering audio.

Day 12 – EFX 2 + Automation
Delay, Gates, Chorusing, Panning EFX, Tremolo.

Day 13 – Compression
Sidechain & EFX – when to use and when not to.

Day 14 – SFX – 4 Layers down
Instrument grouping, polishing, and layering.

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Day 15 – When Are You Finished?
Different perspectives on finishing a track.

Day 16 – Mixing / Mastering Checklist
Items to reference. Fine Detailed Automation for Impactful Moments.

Day 17 – Constructive Feedback
Working with your peers, multiple audio sources and listening environments.

Day 18 – Wrap, What is next?
The importance of playful exploration and getting inspiration.

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What’s a Bootcamp?

Bootcamps consist of focused training on specific topics with online scheduled sessions in real-time. The student gets direct access to industry professionals and learns by doing: you develop your own projects to apply what you are learning right away. Spots are limited so you learn in reduced groups, which facilitates receiving personalized feedback and networking with other members.

What do you need?

This Bootcamp is for beginners and intermediate music producers that have already explored a bit of Ableton Live. You do not need any music gear other than a laptop or computer, a pair of wired mixing headphones and a copy of Ableton Live. A free trial of Suite is available on the Ableton website – with this, you can save and export for 90 days without restriction.

Every member of the Bootcamp will be provided a license to 4 plugins from Izotope’s Elements Suite, including Ozone Elements, Neutron Elements, RX Elements and Nectar Elements – a carefully selected collection of products designed to give you everything you need to mix, master, and repair audio.

Calendar: May 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, 25, 26, 30, 31. From 4 to 6pm (CET).

Your instructors

Tim Penner

Music producer

Tim Penner is a reputable artist who has been involved in nearly every aspect of the digital music industry over the past 20 years. He has written music for film and television, the gaming industry and large public events. Fueled by his passion for music coupled with his diverse experience, Tim teaches his students how to build music with innovation and creativity. He has also collaborated with well recognised labels such as JOOF, Cycles, Sudbeat, Black Hole, Proton Music, and his own Slideways Music. His iconic live performances have seen him behind the decks at a plethora of clubs, events and festivals across both North and South America, Australia, and continental Europe.

Xavier Paradis

Music producer

Xavier Paradis is a multi-faceted music producer, composer and musician. For over a decade, he has been involved in multiple projects, collaborated with a diverse array of artists and released music in a wide variety of styles including Ambient, Synth Pop, Nu Disco and Techno, to name a few. He has performed in major international music festivals such as Primavera Sound (Spain), Eurosonic (Netherlands), SXSW (Austin, TX) and Fiesta des Suds (France), among others. He works as a composer and sound designer for different types of media, including video games and film; and is the co-founder of two personal music projects: Boreals and Tversky.

Commit to your creativity


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