Learn advanced DJ techniques and industry insights form the German Techno Master

Get +5 hours of Masterclass and download his exclusive MIDI Mapping, Maschine Project & Samples he uses in shows.


Masterclass available in February 2021

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Watch Chris Liebing in action

Learn how he structures a session from scratch and controls it live with all his mixing techniques.

Discover his DJ Setup in depth

Find out  his setup and how he works with the Model 1, Traktor, Maschine and Midi Controllers.

Learn from his 30-year career

Get exclusive mentoring from Chris Liebing and absorb his tips and experience in the industry.

Get the same Samples and Projects

that Chris Liebing uses in his shows


Downloadable resources included in the Masterclass:

Traktor MIDI Mapping 

Setting the MIDI Mapping in Traktor is usually a complicated task. Download the complete MIDI Mapping configuration created by Chris Liebing along with Allen&Heath K2.

Maschine Complete Project

Have access to Chris Liebing’s personal Maschine project. Download the configuration and 109 samples specially designed for live setup and ready to use in your shows.

30 Kick Samples

Chris Liebing’s kick drum sounds are well-known for their clarity and punchiness. Download 30 kick drum sounds designed by himself to use in your Techno tracks and sessions.


Chris Liebing is a worldwide requested techno DJ and producer with more than 30 years of experience. He has played in the best venues from all over the planet, from TimeWarp and Space Ibiza to the Love Parade in Berlin where he played in front of 800.000 people.  

He was one of the first DJs that used the new digital technologies in a creative way due to his collaboration with various software and hardware makers, such as Native Instruments. The real-time manipulation of his tools (Maschine, Traktor, Allen & Heath K2) plays an important role in his sets. His current set up offers practically endless possibilities that you will discover and have access to in this exclusive Masterclass.




LENGTH: +5 hours






Professional career:

01 – My early career

02 – Becoming a professional

03 – Evolution of Techno

04 – My motivation as a DJ

05 – My evolution of technology as a DJ


06 – Build your Setup

07 – DJ Setup: Model1

08 – DJ setup: Soundcard

09 – DJ Setup: MIDI Controllers

10 – DJ Setup: Synths & Effects

Software & Hardware:

11 – Traktor: Decks & setup

12 – Traktor: Effects & Loops

13 – Organize your music library

14 – Introduction to Maschine

15 – Traktor: Midi Mapping

16 – Maschine for DJs

Mixing Techniques:

17 – Mixing Techniques: Volumes, filters & EQ

18 – Mixing Techniques: Loops & effects

19 – Mixing Techniques: 4 decks and Maschine

20 – Mixing techniques: Harmony

21 – Synth for DJ effects


22 – B2B Tips

23 – How to structure a session

24 – How to drive a Dancefloor: Tips to control the live set up

25 – Sources to discover new music & sounds

Mentoring and Conclusions:

26 – The biggest mistakes in a DJ career

27 – How to standout as a DJ: Managing team & networking

28 – Tips for touring

29 – Tips for new DJs

Live Session:

30 – Live Session