6 Solutions to Pain Points in Music Production: Tips & Tricks to Beat the Blues and Achieve Success

If you’re a music creator, you know that Music production can be a challenging and time-consuming process, with many potential sources of frustration and pain points. But don’t let it get you down! Here are six solutions that can help mitigate some of the common issues that music producers face:


Lack of inspiration: One of the biggest challenges facing music producers is lack of inspiration and new ideas. To combat this, try listening to a wide variety of music from different genres, experimenting with new sounds and instruments, and collaborating with other musicians. Another tip is to step away from the studio, take a break, clear your head, and come back to the production process with a fresh perspective. 


Difficulty in finding the right sound: Finding the perfect sound for a track can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. To make this process easier, try using preset packs and sound libraries from Native Instruments or Omnisphere. These can provide a wide variety of sounds and inspiration for your production. Additionally, using EQ, compression, and other effects can help shape and mold the sound to better fit your production. For example, using EQ plugins like FabFilter Pro-Q or iZotope Neutron can help you fine-tune the frequency balance of your track. Also, using a compressor plugin like Waves SSL or UAD 1176 can help you add more punch and energy to your mix. Mix it up and don’t be scared to try something new. 


Limited budget: For many music producers, budget constraints can be a major pain point. One solution to this is to invest in quality software and hardware that can be used for a long time, rather than buying cheaper, less reliable options. Another option is to take advantage of free or low-cost tools, such as open-source software and free samples. Also consider joining an Aulart annual membership, which contains everything you need to boost your productions for a year, including Masterclasses, software and plugins, and access to demo feedback sessions with industry titans. 


Difficulty in mixing and mastering: Mixing and mastering can be a challenging and time-consuming process, especially for those who are new to music production. To make this process easier, try using mixing templates and mastering presets, which can provide a solid starting point and make it easier to achieve a professional-sounding mix. Additionally, try taking a mixing and mastering course or tutorial to learn more about these processes, like Hannes Bieger’s Masterclass


Difficulty in finding the right tempo and key: Finding the right tempo and key for a track can be challenging, especially when working with different types of music. To make this process easier, try using a metronome or a tempo-matching software, which can help you find the right tempo and key for your production. Additionally, try experimenting with different tempos and keys to find the right one for your production.


Difficulty in organizing files: We know keeping track of all the files and samples used in a production can be a major pain point. One solution is to create a system for naming and labeling your files, so you can easily find the files you need when you need them. This can be done by using a file management software like Ableton Live’s “Collect All and Save” feature, or using a cloud storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Another solution is to use a Digital Asset Management (DAM) software like Adobe Bridge or Extensis Portfolio, which can help you organize and tag your samples, loops and other media files.

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In conclusion, music production can be a challenging and time-consuming process but with the right tools, techniques, and mindset, it can be a lot easier. The above solutions can help to mitigate some of the common issues that music producers face and help you to focus on the creative process. Remember to stay inspired, experiment, and don’t be afraid to try new things this year.

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