Arrangement & Mixing Techniques for a Club Sound with Hannes Bieger

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Our most watched Masterclass, now with exclusive downloadable content designed by the artist himself

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Hannes Bieger Masterclass

Get into his studio

Discover his studio setup, monitor configuration, analog equipment, favorite instruments and plugins, and his hybrid approach to producing combining the analogue and digital worlds.

Master the low end

Learn the key to getting the perfect kick and bass for a club sound: achieve transparency and clarity in the low end and gain complete control of your elements in the mix.

Get inside his tracks

Watch him analyze his most popular tracks, like Poem for the Planet. Get a detailed insight of his production and mixing techniques, and find out the strategies and plugins he uses to achieve his sound.

Composing, arranging & mixing

Follow his minimalistic workflow and arrangement techniques, and discover how working with few elements helps him make better decisions along the way.

Follow his creative process

Watch him compose with analog synths, and learn how to proceed quickly, keeping the inspiration and the momentum going.

Improve your sound

Discover how he shapes his sound so that every element takes exactly the spots it should take. Learn how to get your sound right from the start, and find out the chain he always uses when doing an analog mixdown.

For the first time, you can get Hannes Bieger’s sound for your own tracks and download his top tips for music production 

Drum Sample Pack

Get his sound for your own tracks. Download his sample pack containing his drum sounds from the track Into the Dark, including kick, snare, hats, tom and cymbal samples. Get inspired by his samples, and use the same sound he achieves in his tracks for your own productions right away.

Hannes’ Guide for Music Production

Download Hannes Bieger’s friendly guide for music production and follow his personal advice to get the perfect club sound. The guide contains his 30 most recommended tips for music production, from creativity and composition tricks to arranging and mixing advice.

What will you learn?

Career & Studio (2 chapters)

01. My Career
02. My Studio Setup

Composing with Synthesizers (5 chapters)

03. Patching a Modular Synth
04. Synth Composition
05. Recording Synths
06. Percussion Synthesis
07. Keyboard Synth Composition

Drum & Bass Elements (2 chapters)

08. Drum & Bass Elements for a Club Sound
09. Drum & Bass Audio Processing

Mixing Techniques (2 chapters)

10. Mixing Drum & Bass
11. Mixing & Arrangement Along the Way

Track Reviews (2 chapters)

12. Track Review: Poem for the Planet
13. Track Review: Into the Dark (Remix)

Mixing Services (1 chapter)

14. How to Contract Mixing Services

Hannes Bieger

Hannes Bieger is one of Europe’s most in-demand mixing engineers. He has an extensive client list that includes artists as important as Tale of Us, Âme, Ben Klock, Dixon, Dubfire, Marcel Dettmann and music labels such as Innervisions, 50 Weapons, Crosstown Rebels, Kompakt, Permanent Vacation and Universal.

In his first Masterclass, Hannes opens the doors of his stunning studio in Berlin, where he combines the analogue and digital worlds. You will discover how the mix begins the moment the sounds are chosen and the arrangement starts, and you will learn the key to getting the perfect kick and bass for a club sound.

Gain complete control of your elements in the mix


Get the perfect club sound with Hannes Bieger

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