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Overcoming Musical Limitations with Technology & Modular Synthesis

Unlock boundless creativity and transcend your limitations with the Syn-Limb DJ’s expert guidance, technological proficiency, and music production know-how.

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Open up new musical possibilities with Euclidean sequencers and Turing Machines.

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What will I learn?

01. Introduction

Bertolt introduces himself and delves into the features of his bionic arm, emphasizing its possibilities rather than its drawbacks. He shows how he leverages technology to overcome the limits of musical creation, illustrating the role it plays in the creation of bass lines, melodies, grooves, and rhythms.

02. Syn-limb on the Modular

In this chapter, Bertolt provides an introduction to his modular setup, detailing how it’s designed with mobility and club performance in mind, specifically for his DJ work. He expands on modular synthesizers and introduces snare, hats, and kicks, before showing how his Syn-limb can manipulate bass and synths in real time.

03. Inside the Syn-limb

Bertolt delves into the evolution of the Syn-limb technology. He recounts its early days and details how it has evolved in both appearance and functionality through its ongoing development.

04. Turing Machines Setup

Bertolt highlights the role technology plays in generating ideas for basslines and melodies using a Turing machine. He explains how the machine generates random looping melodies, providing an unlimited source of inspiration and creativity, especially when one is feeling uninspired.

05. Euclidean Sequences

Bertolt reveals the power of Euclidean sequences as a solution for lackluster grooves, and showcases how this technology can produce truly distinctive and captivating beats. Explore how he crafts drums with the machine, adding elements like claps, hats and more, before fine-tuning to attain more swing and character.

06. VCV rack: Turing Machine

Bertolt shows how to route the Turing Machine into Ableton with Max for Live devices and the VCV Rack VST plug-in.

07. VCV rack: Euclidean Sequences

Follow step-by-step as Beltort continues to incorporate Euclidean sequences in Ableton using the Euclidean Sequence Pro VST to add more grooves to the beat.

Bertolt Meyer

The Syn-Limb DJ & Modular Enthusiast

Bertolt Meyer is a DJ, producer and a passionate modular enthusiast. Born without his lower left arm, he hacked a prosthetic to enhance his creative pursuits and designed his ‘Syn-limb’ – a hacked prosthetic which allows him to control parameters of his modular setup with muscular signals from his mind. He prefers the limitations of modular over the open-ended possibilities of a DAW.

Music-Inspired Professor & Dynamic Speaker

Apart from being a DJ and producer, Meyer is a professor in Psychology at the Chemnitz University of Technology and an experienced public speaker. He has given talks and keynotes at various prestigious venues including TEDx Cambridge University and companies like Google, SAP and BMW.

Mind & Music: A Unique Relationship

With a background in science, teaching and award-winning TV science documentaries, Meyer has a unique relationship with his modular setup – he is not just controlling it, but he is an essential part of it.

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Overcoming Musical Limitations with Technology & Modular Synthesis
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