Become an expert on modular synthesis and explore its endless possibilities with the Dutch modular synth master



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From Beginner to Advanced                         

ColinBenders_Aulart_MasterclassLearn how to take full advantage of one of the most versatile electronic instruments, from the basics of modular synthesizers moving up to large modulars and the advanced skills Colin uses in his sets.

Explore your creative potential

Get exclusive access to his new modular setup and discover everything you can do with modular synthesizers: adding envelopes, bringing in LFOs and noise, stacking VCAs, creating drum sounds from scratch, or embracing spontaneity in your live performances.

Emulate his setup with software

ColinBenders_Aulart_MasterclassDownload the free virtual modular synthesis environment VCV Rack, emulate his analog setup, pick up his tricks and techniques, and follow every step he takes to replicate his patch.

Download his template, follow every step and get inspired by the limitless creative potential of modular synthesis


VCV Rack templates

Download Colin Benders’ VCV Rack templates and start jamming with his patches. With the VCV Rack, a software Eurorack modular you can use for free, you’ll be able to emulate his analog setup, pick up every trick and technique he explains in the Masterclass, and get the flow going.

VCV Rack is one of the best alternatives to buying physical modules immediately to learn modular synthesis. It’s an emulation of modular synthesizers that works like in real-life, where patches are made by adding modules and connecting them with patch cords. It’s available completely free for Windows, macOs and Linux.


Colin Benders is a high-wired artistic spirit, a mind drilled to compose as swiftly as he creates. Over the past seven years, Benders honed an instrument that can fully harness this unique gift for conducting an abundance of sonic elements: the modular synth. From polyphonic, harmony-based pieces to resounding techno sprawls, Benders lives to make music for the here and now, and in turn, unshackle himself from the type of rigid recording-and-live performance cycle many musicians find themselves stuck in.

Even before touching his first modular synth module, Benders managed to push the possibilities of live music to its utmost limits. His Kyteman Orchestra received myriad accolades, as a velocity of ideas manifested through live performance in unprecedented ways. Over the past few years, Benders has been invited to perform at established festivals and clubs, including Awakenings, Dekmantel, Le Guess Who?, Amsterdam Dance Event and Berghain.








Career & Experience

01 – My First Contact with Music

02 – Becoming Colin Benders

Introduction to Modular Synthesis

03 – Basic Concepts

04 – Patching a Voice

05 – Modular Synthesis using VCV Rack

06 – Exploring patches with VCV Rack

Drums & Percussion

07 – Introduction to Modular Drum Machines

08 – Complex Drum Sounds and Rhythms

Modular Building Blocks

09 – Mixers and Multiples

10 – Aux Sends

11 – Sidechain Compression

12 – Making Arpeggios & Melodies without a Sequencer

13 – Making your own Drum Sounds

14 – Making a Snare from Scratch

15 – Making a Hi-hat from Scratch

16 – Sequential Switches

17 – Sequencing Effects

18 – Designing Dynamic Lead Voices

Creating your first Jam Setup

19 – Starting your First Jam setup

20 – Basic Setup

21 – Advanced setup

22 – Playing and Jamming

Setting up my Patch

23 – Setting up my Personal Jam Patch

24 – Using Personalized Modules

25 – Patching in more Voices and Bringing in Drums

26 – Patching in Effects

Jam Session

27 – Live Jam Session

28 – Jamming Theory

29 – How to Build Tension (Techno Jam Session)

30 – Explaining the Jam

Bringing Modulars to your DAW

31 – MIDI to CV

32 – Multitrack recording


33 – Conclusion