Best reverb plugins 2023

Reverb – we’ve all heard it before, we have an idea of what it does and how it affects our sounds, like making them ‘spacious’ or ‘wide’. But why do we need reverb? Why not just use the the stock reverb plugin built into your DAW and not worry about the huge market of reverb plugins?

Well, before we get into our list of some of the best reverb plugins this 2023, let’s have a look at the styles of reverbs to get a better understanding of what the VSTs can do before we look into spending our hard earned pocket money on a big fancy plate verb plugin.


  • Hall reverb: This type of reverb simulates the sound of a large concert hall or cathedral, it gives a super wide feeling by having a long decay time and a sense of spaciousness.
  • Room reverb: This type of reverb simulates the sound of a small room or chamber. It has a shorter decay time than hall reverb and a sense of intimacy. This works great on hi hats, percussive hits etc, making them not too wide but still keeping them a little more mono (in the middle).
  • Plate reverb: This type of reverb simulates the sound of a plate reverb unit, which is a mechanical device that uses a large metal plate to create reverb. Plate reverb has a smooth, rich sound and is often used to add a sense of depth and dimension to your sounds.
  • Convolution reverb: This type of reverb uses impulse responses (IRs) to simulate the sound of real-world spaces. It’s able to capture the unique characteristics of the space, like reflections and absorption, and generate a realistic reverb that can be used to add a sense of realism to recordings.
  • Hybrid reverb: is a type of reverb combining two or more different types of reverb algorithms to create a unique sound. Hybrid reverbs typically allows you to blend different reverb algorithms, such as a hall and a room reverb, or a plate and a spring reverb, to create a really unique outcome in your music.

So, now that we have went into a little bit more depth on the different types of reverbs, let’s look at the reverb plugins we think you need in your arsenal for 2023.


  • ValhallaRoom (price $50) // Type: Algorithmic reverb
  • Developed by Valhalla DSP, this plugin is known for its lush and spacious sound. It offers a wide range of reverb algorithms, including plate, hall, and room, as well as unique algorithms such as “bloom” and “chorus” that can add a unique character to your reverb, this takes the cake for reverb plugins used heavily by the likes of Disclosure and Deadmau5, our top pick.
    Valhalla Room: Room Reverb Plugin | Valhalla DSP Plugins

    Developed by Lexicon, this plugin bundle includes a number of different reverb algorithms, such as the popular Lexicon hall and plate algorithms. It’s known for its high-quality sound and detailed controls. If you want a bundle of reverbs, to really expand your capabilities in music production, this bundle is perfect for you.
    PCM Native Effects | Lexicon Pro - Legendary Reverb and Effects


      HybridReverb in Ableton Live 11 is a convolution-based reverberation effect which combines the superior sound quality of a convolution reverb with the tuning capability of a feedback delay network. Live’s new Hybrid Reverb offers some serious potential for discovering new sounds, and Along with its dynamic algorithms, dozens of built-in impulse responses, and a multi-band parametric EQ section, Hybrid Reverb can easily carry your production into new sonic realms.
      Hybrid Theory: Creative Sound Design with Live 11's New Reverb | Ableton

      This plugin is known for its intuitive interface and precise controls. It offers a wide range of reverb algorithms, including hall, room, and plate, as well as a unique “smart” algorithm that can adapt to the audio material. This is one of the top picks here at Aulart which has a built in EQ for more detailed and specific reverb outcomes, the UI is second to none and for under 200 dollars, we think its great for any producers tool bag.
      FabFilter Pro-R - Reverb Plug-In

      Developed by Eventide, this plugin is known for its unique, otherworldly sound. It can create dense, cavernous reverb tails and unusual textures. This reverb breaks the rules by allowing you to create virtual spaces that could never exist in reality (or at least the one we inhabit). At large sizes, its soft attack and lingering, harmonic tails allow it to really shine on guitars, strings, and pads.
      Blackhole® - Eventide Audio


      Ok, we have discussed the outcomes of reverb, why we need it and some different reverbs on the market which can elevate your reverb skills to new heights, but which one to choose? It’s important to consider important factors like price range, character of the reverb, and the user experience, these can be discovered by 30 day free trials from the reverb companies, usually found on all of them!


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